Trump Russia Dossier Decoded: Yes, There Really Was A Massive Oil Deal (UPDATED)
Grant Stern

Not bad but i think u might be missing 1 major player or 2 EXXON , they own drilling rights to Putin’s oil field, and the clintons , who facilitated the deal , Exxon could never meet straight out with trump , Stock market got wind of that it would go crazy ,but the clintons could , exxons losing billions of dollars on that oil field , and Exxon would be the only company to get clinton to stand down , check Clinton foundation , Exxon gave them 5 mil as a donation , Sanders was the wild card Exxon did not expect , thats why the cheating was so cowboyd and out in the open , no time to plan , i have seen clinton campaign , and that was a woman who was running like she did not have a heart at all , same with GOP, face it no one beats Cruz with evangelicals , Cruz is their poster child , Rosenft oil , Trump owns that , u can bet , Pay off for lifting sanctions , Bill got a hold of trump 3 weeks before trump announced , why would clinton have trump run against his wife , Clinton finished the brokering of the deal with trump threw Clinton, basically Clinton gave trump the go signal and remember , Trump , Clinton Exxon and Putin know that no democrat or republican is going to lift sanctions , but an out sider business man like trump would , and that brings us to Exxon board of directors that is now the STATE DEPT , Tillerson is the Puppet, and remember this , Kochs are in on the Exxon deal with Putin , Koch Bros control the GOP, face it, it is the only way Trump could have won against seasoned veterans, the reason they shut Sanders down , they could not stop him if he got the nomination , he would have won , there is more going on here than anyone realizes, Exxon owns the corporate democrats and Kochs own the GOP, u know Ryan and McConnell are dirty in this , and i would say the GOP prosecutors are also in on it , and i don’t buy the results from 2014 mid terms either , and this oil deal is the reason trump will not divest or show his taxes , Trump wants to be richer than GATES , this deal puts him there , investigate EXXON , they are the masterminds and u can bet Putin owns Trump and the rest in Trumps campaign , Remember Putin was the KGB station chief in the USA from the 70’s until 91, and trump is a patsy and stupid , Putin cultivated Trump a long time ago