Warwick Incubator — Our First Medium Post!

Welcome to our first medium blog post!

We are the UK’s first student-run business incubation programme. Founded by students, for students. Based at Warwick University, we are proud to be helping the next generation of talented student entrepreneurs.

We offer a free (to Warwick students) 16-week intensive curriculum, guiding students’ ideas towards a scaleable, lean startup. Our programme encourages rapid development, prototyping and the use of MVPs to achieve validated learning.

In addition, we pair all members with a one-to-one mentorship. A mentor is able to support entrepreneurs on a personal and technical level, providing advice based upon their experience in the same, or a similar industry.

We aren’t exactly new to the whole blogging scene. In fact, our blog has been running successfully on our website for the past year. But 2018 has presented a few changes for us — one of which being the transition to Medium as our dedicated blog space. Follow us for more interesting content surrounding entrepreneurship!

See more about our programme, and apply here: http://warwickincubator.com/