Eureka Stockade Author — Buy Flames of Rebellion to Understand More About Eureka Stockade!

It’s the Battle of Eureka Stockade or known as Eureka Rebellion which was fought between Australia’s colonial forces and the miners on 3rd Dec, 1854. This 1854 rebellion is also known as the rebellion of the gold miners who use to live in Ballarat, Australia. The gold miners of this area have announced the rebellion against Australia’s colonial forces. It was the time when this part of the world was ruled by the United Kingdom’s colonial authority. This battle was fought at the Eureka Lead. Such name of the battle was assigned due to the stockade like structure the gold miners have erected when the conflict was going on. This rebellion is also memorable for another important thing.

It only lasted for half an hour or so. This rebel has claimed 27 lives and most of them were the rebels. When we are talking about the Eureka Stockade author, the name Raffaello Carboni will surely appear at the top. He was an Italian revolutionary. He reached at Ballarat goldmines during 1853 in search of wealth and adventure. Contrary to that he came across growing unrest that was really tormenting the gold miners of that area. They were all straining against the oppressive and harsh government rules and regulations.

On 3rd Dec, 1854, this unrest came to an end with the so called Eureka Stockade. Just 120 angry gold miners rebelled against the police force and the soldiers. This rebel has laid the base for Australia’s nationhood. Raffaello Carboni is also a participant of such rebel. He eye witnessed that battle. And that has helped him to relate the original story of Eureka Stockade behind myth. His eyewitness account was first published during 1855. In that section, all the drama, action, and horror associated with Eureka Stockade was accurately evoked. When you buy Flames of Rebellion and read this book, you can easily understand how important that rebel was.

Eureka Stockade was not just a battle. It has changed the whole picture for Australia. In this book, the author Warwick O’ Neill has tried to capture characters of those people who were involved in that rebel. He worked on this book quite faithfully. In order to do so, he spent time while researching more at the goldfields located at the Victorian region of Australia. In order to make this story look more accurate he also researched at the Eureka Goldfield for a long time.

In order to come up with an accurate story in Flames of Rebellion, the author has also collected the real data related to Eureka Stockade from primary sources, newspapers and the diary entries that were done by Raffaello Carboni. It’s the national library of Australia that seems to be very prompt in providing these sources. The Flames of Rebellion is based on the situation that people have faced prior and after the Eureka Stockade. Buying this book can really offer you a good idea about what sort of life the gold miners of that time used to live at Ballarat.