WARZONE [The Orders]

Stand to and listen in SOLdiers! I know there has been a lot of hurry up and wait lately but I have your orders. Here is the war map and general scheme of manoeuvre.

First things first, as you may or may not have seen the WARZONE team have listened to the Solana community and have decided to release the all original WARZONE Freakz as its maiden collection (instead of WARZONE Punks). A short summary as to why we have decided to go this direction are as followed:

  1. As the first release of SOLdiers under the WARZONE umbrella it made the most sense to release PFP’s that are completely ours and not a derivative
  2. We want to airdrop Freakz holders with Solana native derivative WARZONE SOLdiers (I.e. SMB or Degen Apes etc).
  3. Getting listed on Solana marketplaces and NFT calendars such as Rarity Tools required all original collections. Warzone FREAKZ satisfy this requirement
  4. The first Warzone project will most likely have the highest secondary volume in the series. It made the most sense for this to be a non-derivative release

Given the decision to release Warzone FREAKZ the team focused on producing this artwork and thus the original 13th of October release date was rescheduled.

Critical Path — Short Term

  1. The team’s critical path as it stands is to complete the bangin ass FREAKZ collection to release into the wild
  2. Update the current website to reflect the FREAKZ release
  3. Complete the Warzone Apes (Degen Apes derivative) to be ready to airdrop to all FREAKZ holders (more about the airdrop below)
  4. Roll out the Warzone marketing campaign — 3D animated hype videos, influencer engagement, Twitter spaces engagements and podcast appearances
  5. Increase Discord moderator community management to cover all global time zones
  6. Increase presale whitelist registration capacity

Launch Date & Max Supply

The current launch date for Warzone will be early November. Halloween is completely attainable however with the New York NFT convention taking place we feel launching after the convention would be the most logical plan. This also gives our team ample time to rework our 3D hype videos to a standard we are happy with.

More breaking news is that the max supply of Warzone FREAKZ will be #3,333.

Quality over quantity.

The Airdrop

The rumours are true, all FREAKZ holders will be airdropped the next Warzone collection. All you have to do is hold onto your FREAKZ.


Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/DryygfhRs7

Twitter: https://twitter.com/warzone_SOL

Website: https://www.w4r.zone




We are at war. Chapter I - Warzone FREAKZ

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We are at war. Chapter I - Warzone FREAKZ

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