Wasabi & CloudBerry Lab: New Dynamic Duo To Help You Leverage Cloud Storage Solutions

At Wasabi, we are excited to add some sizzle in cloud storage news with the announcement of our solution partnership with CloudBerry Lab, a leading provider of cloud backup storage utilities. After a two-year hyper focus on developing our hot storage service, Wasabi successfully publicly launched last month with meaningful price and performance advantages over existing cloud storage providers. Our hot storage service has been eagerly embraced so we are continuing to turn up the heat by paying attention to building a diverse and complete ecosystem of solution partners (such as CloudBerry Lab) to address a wide range of storage use cases and applications for our eager customers.

Many of Wasabi’s customers are familiar with cloud storage and the needed tools to leverage the service but some have turned to Wasabi for trusted solution recommendations specifically in the area of backup utilities and related platforms. CloudBerry Lab can help as a powerful solution partner with a complete suite of cross-platform products for cloud backup use cases that are important to Wasabi’s customers. CloudBerry’s trusted products coupled with Wasabi’s hot storage service provide highly effective cloud backup and disaster recovery storage for small and mid-sized business customers.

The range of cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux & desktop + server) products that CloudBerry Lab provides is a great fit for the diverse storage host environments used by Wasabi customers in their backup and disaster recovery scenarios. CloudBerry’s cloud-to-cloud migration capabilities are unsurpassed making this feature super relevant for all customers considering migrating storage from their existing cloud storage provider to Wasabi.

To the CloudBerry Lab team, welcome to our solution partnership family.

Jim Donovan, Product Management & Customer Operations