Cultural Appropriation Gone Mad

So, I was just scrolling the Internet as you do, I came across this Youtube video filming the incident happened in the San Francisco State University.

The story goes like this; the black woman claimed that the white guy having a dreadlock is cultural appropriation, and said “you can’t have it, because it’s my culture”. And the guy upset, tried to leave from the situation. Then the woman stopped him, actually physically grabbed him,and she let his hand put on her. She then realized that a guy was filming the whole thing, and the video ends here, because she stopped the camera.

I was totally at a loss for words. It was pretty shocking to me that this happened in the university where is a melting pot of races.

I don’t know the background that induced such incident, and I’ve read that the guy first said “bi**h” to her when she tried to give him a flyer but still it doesn’t matter if he really said that or not.

In my opinion, this woman has her own issue. Apparently, some activists say that she could attack him based on it (just wow).

But i’m not going to dig in which one was the real evil. I just purely point out how stupid and outdated idea cultural appropriation is.

I think it’s really hard to tell the origin of culture where it comes from. Like, on the internet, it’s happening all the time. People share the idea and culture world widely beyond the border, and people are influenced by the culture which is not from their origin. For instance, there are some people obsessed with Japanese culture and even hope to become Japanese. (some call it’s “weaboo”)

Venus Angelic, one of the influential Youtuber (her account is currently deleted for some reason), she says she loves Japan, and she tries to look like Japanese with her makeup and the way she talks.

Interestingly, what she tries to look like is a type of Japanese who want to look like a “Western doll”. So these Japanese girls are in Western-inspired dresses and accessories that are not obviously from their origin.

Miranda Kerr in Japanese Geisha/anime inspired fashion. (it’s funny though lol)

With that being said, we could say that those Japanese who “appropriate” Western culture is also appropriated by Western people. I don’t think it’s appropriation, I think we are just influenced by each other.

I simply think it’s amazing that people can choose whatever they like no matter where they’re from. The world should be, because it’s already happening on the Internet, and claiming the “ownership” is bullshit in this 21st century where the technology moving fast forward by sharing ideas.

What do you think? Please leave me a comment below!