Now I’m featured in a comic! Woohoo

An exciting news. Last week, I was featured in a comic series, “Lifehack-de-iko!” or Let’s Lifehack by an amazing Berlin-based illustrator Genki Takata.

He has been a really good friend of mine since the beginning when I first moved to Berlin without knowing almost anyone, and he has been advising me how I should build up my career from a +10-years experienced freelance illustrator’s point of view.

The reason why I started blogging is because he advised me so, and I instantly got interested how it sounds. Genki is really into tech (especially Mac!) and he’s also been writing blog constantly about his lifehacks, and his passion for blogging intrigued me a lot. Unforgettable thing is, He even made me a blog which I still appreciate.

Genki encouraging me “You definitely should start blogging!”

I had no clue how to write things, and I was bit afraid of start blogging. Writing was something that I’ve been wanted to do for a long time, but at the same time I had no confidence.

“I wish I could be a writer…and hopefully publish a book before I die.”

I often dreamt it. Writing was my dream job, and I was thinking it’s something I can’t dive in right now, but his word pushed me forward.

Me writing crazy!

Since then, I’ve written an article everyday without stopping for about 6 months. My page view became so solid after the publication of an interview with a refugee, and after that I had another big viral article about my “newly graduate freelance” lifestyle which is quite unusual in Japan.

His wife (Mihoko) stops him being too excited about explaining the benefit of blogging :D

I’m really blessed with people like him, and I want to pass his attitude down to the next generation. My core motivation for blog is to tell people that trying something is 100 times worth than worrying and doing nothing. Interestingly, now I’m the one who encourages people to start his/her blog and I even support making blogs for others. I can see the good circulation going on here, and I’m very pleased to be a part of it.

Check out the whole episode on the Japanese IT website “ThinkIt” if you speak Japanese, and take a look of Genki’s website too.

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