The First Wordpress Meetup in Leipzig

20.October,2016 might be a revolutionary day of Leipzig. — Why? Because the very first meetup for Wordpress enthusiasts has begun in this town! :D

I just moved to Leipzig about 3 months ago, so I don’t really know about tech scene in Leipzig. Apparently there was no meetup specifically for Wordpress till today (There is already one for general CMS), and attendees all looked so happy to kind of finally find this meetup! And, I was ofcourse one of them.

Geschenk WP stickers!!

We talked about about how we can organize the meetup from now on; Are we going to bring any topics to talk about? If so, What kind of topic should we handle? How often do we hold the meetup? etc…

I proposed that every member can be a teacher every week for a topic that he/she wants to talk about. Basically people can bring any topics or problems that they’re facing now and talk about it with a group, because just passively joining the event cannot hold the motivation for so long.( I hope everyone could properly understand me with my broken German, if any of you guys reading this blog…!)

Anyway, I thank Kai for organizing the event! Go check out the meetup page if you are interested in WP and live in Leipzig :) Next one is on 27th October 2016.

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