Today’s post is going to be some mumble-jumbles about my views on life.

What is life? — For me, it’s an experiment. An experiment to see how far I can go by doing what I truly want to do. What about yours? I’m curious.

The most important thing in your life could be different depending on how you see your life (ofcourse), and it’s very interesting to see what people want in their life by observing feedbacks posted on my blog or other social media.

Basically I’m encouraging people to do whatever they want to do in their life by citing my case (which is moving to Germany and live as a self-employed).

I’ve never really thought the reason why I’m so passionate about sending such message online, but I think it can be traced back to my past that I hadn’t been able to believe that I can do what I want in my life.

A childhood complex?

I liked making art when I was little, and attended one of those “Art lessons for kids”. It was just a short term art course where you can learn how to draw or make things, but nothing serious.

But I still clearly remember the first denial on my work at that class. A teacher looked at my work and said “It’s not bad, but it’s not made with a right way that I taught you today.”, and I said “But, I thought I can do anything on art.”, then she said “No, there is a right way of doing art, and you need to follow the rule which I told you today.”

Even though I was little, I was kind of expecting that art should be a free platform where you can express yourself freely, so getting a denial on art really shocked me a lot. I, as a small kid thought “If I can’t do free on art. there is nowhere I can be free, so life is not free. that’s what I learned today mama.”

You might think it’s stupid that I’ve had a complex about making things since then just because her hard comment which happened 15 years ago, but actually it took me a loooong time to be able to finally admit that I like art and expressing myself.

Now I’ve learned what she told me is not always the case. I know what she means, but primarily life has no rules. Following my heart really created the good circulation (karma?) in my life. That was rebellious to me, and I hope lot more people like me can feel free about themselves.