Chartering means that renting or leasing an entire aircraft. Air charters do many activities related to air transportation. We know how we travel in a flight, by taking a flight ticket but we never think that who gave or provide tickets that is what air charters do. The air charters act like brokers or mediator to arranging flights or air transport. The whole air transportation arrangements are done by the air charters. The air charters provide Private jet, Air cargo, Air ambulance, Helicopters, Business jet etc.

Some times we may heard that some travelers can travel in business class at the price of economy class. This type of offers are provided by air charters. In private jets they can provide all type of private jets like light jets, mid-size jet, heavy jet, long jet, business jet, luxury jet etc. Like this everything in air transport can do with the help of an air charter broker.


Air cargo means just transporting goods through an airline, that’s all. The air cargo do different types of services that are discuss below. Cargo departments also have different type of flights based on the size and use. Air cargo is a good option for transporting perishable goods and highly urgent goods like medicines etc.

Dangerous goods transportation

Some goods are very dangerous which are highly inflammable or chances for a blast. Transportation of dangerous goods is highly risk but secured air charters are transporting dangerous goods but few air charter brokers didn’t provide dangerous goods transport service because they are not ready to take any risk.

Heavy and outsize cargo

As the name shows very big size cargo transportation needs big cargo flights. Normal air charter brokers will not ready to transport heavy size cargo because the availability of big cargo flights are less. Handling heavy and outsize cargoes are very difficult compared with other cargo transportation, its risk is low.

Livestock transportation

Livestock transportation means that transportation of animals and pets through aircraft. Some cargo flights are mainly for this because the interior design is entirely different with normal flights. They are designed only for transporting horse, cows etc because the safety is important. Small pet animals like dogs and cats don’t need any separate cargo flights. The air charters have a special cage for transporting dogs and cats. It is very easy to handle and safe.

Oil & gas

Transportation of oil and gas through airline is highly risk factor. The chances for an explosion is high. Because of this some air charter brokers don’t provide facilities for transporting oil and gas. Highly secured cargo flights are widely used for transporting oil and gas.


Trading means buying, selling and leasing of a product, like this airline trading includes buying, selling and leasing of flights. Airline trading is a very expensive business and also profitable business. You can do airline trading of any flights including private jet, helicopters, commercial flights, air ambulance, cargo flights etc. Everything related to flight can do with airline trading service provided by air charter brokers. The aircraft leasing is a better option for an entrepreneur who is new in aircraft trading. He can doing business by leasing an aircraft before buying it, it really helpful to understand that the aircraft business is profitable or not and analyse how can achieve more.

Different Charter Services

Group charter
Group charter means that chartering a flight for a group of peoples they may tourists or family members anything. In simple words arranging an air transport facilities for a group of peoples is known as group charters.

Sports charter
Sports charter means chartering a flight for group of athletes. The procedure of sports charter is same as group charter. When a sport event like Olympic or any other, the team book a flight entirely for their athletes. This type of services are provided by air charters.

This is a new trend that is visiting all pilgrimages around the world. The pilgrimage people may fasting or they are vegetarians the air charter group consider all type of amenities needed for them.


In an emergency situation we use emergency evacuation as a rescue purpose. The air ambulance is used in emergency evacuation. Helicopter air ambulance are widely used in any disaster happened situation. Helicopters are very easy to handle and take-off it just needed small place. No need of any runways. The long distance medical travelers choose flight air ambulance only because it is difficult to travel long in helicopter. 
Air charters provide search ans rescue team charters, corporate evacuation charters, repatriation charter for medical emergencies, refuges and foreign nationals etc.


The aircraft can rented same as car renting. Mainly the aircraft is rented for film shooting, marriage function, events, inaugurations etc. It is very easy for people because own an aircraft is very difficult, actually it is expensive difficulty is less. Rent charges is different, it charge according to the number of days, purpose and type of flights.