The growth of Steel Industries

Steel became one of the most thing in construction field.In older times we don’t need the use of steel in construction field. We were constructing buildings in older times using stone,clay or cement,wood,sand etc. After making of iron the engineers decided to build concrete for house’s roof. From that the use of metal in construction field became indeed.Now we can make ready made things by using steel,for example we need a ladder,it is available at market easily.The steel can easily bend or cut according to our preference. The main important fact of steel is, we can reuse or recycle it. There are mainly four types of steel can be seen.

Types of steel;

Carbon steel
Alloy steel
Stainless steel
Tool steels

Carbon Steel: A carbon steel requires no any other materials to make,only need carbon to create a successful alloy. Other will have minimum requirements for materials such as chromium, nickel, tungsten and a handful of other elements.

Alloy steel: The alloy steels are very strong,rust proof and avoid depreciation. The alloy steel is available in two types named as Low carbon alloy steel and High carbon alloy steel.Content of carbon is less in low carbon steels and carbon content is high in high carbon steel.

Stainless steel:The stainless steels are normally used steels.These are rust proof and corrode comparing with other steels.It contain chromium. Stainless steel are mainly used aviation field.

Tool steels:Tool steels are mainly used to make tools.These are very hard, they resist impacts and they have sharp edges and these are also corrosion resistant. Tool steel can be available at different size and in different hard,based on the use.

The above showed are the major types of steels. According to this the growth of steel industry in a peak stage. Normally we are using these types of steels. Even a blade in shaving set include stainless steel. Like this steel became a part of our life without knowing by us.So we can easily understand the steel industry is going in a better way.

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