After reading chapter 1, Do this and you’ll Be Welcome Anywherefrom How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, I realized that I have to improve my philosophy of social interaction with people.

First of all I realized that I talk more about myself and listen less to the people but then I decided to listen to people, as I learned a lesson from the novel. If we listen to someone or talk about someone, the conversation will become more interesting especially for the person whom we listen as all of us like people who admire us or listen to us.

The other one is that I have to improve my memory because your memory plays a vital role for building a sincere relationship. For getting a sincere relationship we should keep in mind especially the likes and the dislikes of other people. The very important thing is that I have to take interest in people in order to get their attention more. If we try to get people interested in us or impress people, we will never have true and sincere friends.

After learning three lessons from the novel, I decided to give a practical shape to my philosophy. Now, I am going to share with you a personal experience. I wanted to make a bond of friendship with one of my hostel-fellow, whose name was Asif because he has passed PMS and CSS written competitive exams and I wanted his help for the exams but I have no idea how to start a conversation with him. For that purpose, I applied my improved philosophy. So, I decided to take interest in him and met with other hostel mates and know about his behavior, his hometown, his achievements, etc. After that I met with him and listened to him more and less talked about myself.

After meeting with him, I felt that my improved philosophy had actually worked as at the end of meeting, he said, ‘’ I am always available for you to help in written competitive exams’’.

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