Tapa is a composition of two unequal meters, in which the first line is shorter than the second one with total of 22 syllables (9,13) in both lines, yet it reflects human emotions and aspirations simply and elegantly. It is so common among the Pashtuns that the boys in schools, the girls in marriages, the elders in hujrahs, the peasants in fields and the shephereds in the foothills sing it with or without the accompaniment of musical instrument (Rabab & Tabla).


The collection of facts and figures through which we can not make any decision called data.


The processed form of data through which we can take decision called information.


Knowledge describes the collected information that is available about a particular topic or a person called knowledge.

how to get knowledge:In order to get the knowledge from data information it is necessary to process the information.

There is a long history behind the misunderstanding – prevalent both locally and around the world – that Pashtuns are either religious fanatics or just poor, ignorant fellows. The image of the Pashtun man that is usually portrayed comes either in the form of a bearded person, painted either with…

#As_Being_A_Muslim 👈
And Keep yourselves away From such traditional rituals ❤

Waseem Jan


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