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Have you checked out the latest website where students can access their updates, notification, and a result, quick and accurate? At new JNTU WORLD ( website, everything that involves into results, question paper, timetables, study tips, syllabus books and much more can easily explore.

They also provide the best notification as well as the study materials collected from various institutions. The latest announcement from was about providing the Gate study material as well. Anyone can make this website the Engineers hub where he/she JNTU the most recent news.

All previous questions are uploaded by JNTU WORLD especially for JNTUK, JNTUH and JNTUA combined with lots of syllabus books and the Video Lectures. To help the student to learn as much as he/she can about the subject, JNTU WORLD has provided complete resources.

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They only provide accurate information concerning the latest updates, notification, and result, hence whichever information that might circulate from unknown sources, the can never be responsible. Even though their followers highly support them, their website is not yet official for any affiliated university or JNTU.

They can only provide the entire notifications which already announced by JNTU this information are usually collected from several colleges and the official website of JNTU.


From each every subject from each semester, JNTU are gathering a note comes under JNTU Anantapur,

JNTU Hyderabad, and JNTU Kakinada. They are requesting if anyone has notes which he/she can share, he can send via mail so that it can as well assist other students.

Also, they have insisted that if anyone can find notes that are worth sharing, he/she can share on JNTU website. They even gather GATE previous questions papers and also the study materials, therefore if anyone have anything to share regarding this field, JNTU will highly appreciate.


JNTU WORLD has promised to provide GATE materials earlier monthly. They have started uploading date for the JNTU learners as a gift straight from JNTU WORLD. Therefore, the entire uploaded question will be from the past ten years and more will be provided, if requested.

After completing of JNTU WORLD, notes and the study materials for all the branches combined with JNTU quick updates will be uploaded. All of the facilities are offered to JNTU students, JNTU К and JNTUA students. Besides all of this, they also promised to provide study materials for the competitive exams and details as sooner as possible.

Their target is to provide enough information and important date concerning numerous scholarships which particularly for JNTU students and the whole country. Also, they are looking forward reach their services as well as the learning facilities for the financially unstable student, and surely they have insisted on providing all essential updates and information.