How To Select The Perfect Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are important especially if you have more than one child. Whether you have girls or boys bunk beds are considered to be safe, long-lasting, durable, space-efficient and budget-friendly. You are always sure they are having a comfortable night. Bunk beds come in different styles and designs to suit your kids. Before buying this bed, its good to have an idea of what you should be looking for and how you will know if the bunk bed is right for the kid. You should differentiate between boys and girls bunk bed. There are new varieties on the market and you can now find the best bunk beds for toddlers.

Measure Your Room

You should start by measuring your kid’s room and decide where to place the bunk bed. These measurements will assist you to find the type of bed which can fit in your room. It’s important to consider space between the bunks. As a parent, you can sit on the bottom bunk without hunching over or cracking your head. Your kids should not outgrow these bunk beds in a few years when their heads touch the bottom of the top bunk.

You can also opt to have two regular twin beds if you have a large space. Separable bunk beds are more flexible if you want to change the rooms. However, separable bunk beds may look different from the other which may or may not matter to you. Features such as ladders, stairs and trundle bunk beds should be remembered since they require more space to maneuver around. Consider a few feet walking distance around the stairs to allow safe movements of kids. If you have a low ceiling or a ceiling fan make sure that the bunk bed is not high.

Make a List of Features

You should try to consider the best features which will satisfy your child needs. Before buying a bunk bed, look if it comes with extra storage space and a room under the bottom bunk. Some bunks come with attached shelves. The best bunk beds do not require box springs. This allows space for storage options such as drawer storage.

Select your Style

There are different styles when it comes to bunk beds which can be attractive to your kids. These beds range from simple to more complex with different configurations, shapes and decorative styles. You can choose a self-assembled bunk bed and customize it to your own desires. The wood should be sanded and polished nicely to have a gritty feeling. If you have the drawers, they should slide nicely in and out. Consider also the color of the wood.


Put the bed through a shake test before buying. Kids like bouncing on the bed where the bed may collapse or fall apart if it is loose. For one to know if the bed is fairly stable, one should check how thick the corner spaces are and the materials used. Among the safety features to consider are non-toxic finishes, double-rail, and guard-rails. Some bunk beds have a solid staircase which provides stability to the top bed. You can also teach your child to observe the rules when using the bunk bed.