How To Wash Your Tesla The Right Way.

How to Wash Your Tesla, the Basics…

Knowing how to Wash a Tesla is something you never think about until you finally own a Tesla. Why are Tesla cars so peculiar when it comes to washing them, and why do they get such a bad wrap?

  • Please don’t take your Tesla through an automatic car wash unless it’s been wrapped in paint-protected film (PPF).
  • Touchless Car Washes are an okay option but don’t expect a great wash if your Tesla is very dirty. #DirtyT #CakedT #GrimyT
  • Hand washing your Tesla with a Foam-cannon and the two-bucket method is the BEST wash method to use.
  • Technique matters. Don’t wipe your Tesla down in circles, wipe horizontally and use big strokes for both hand-washing and drying. Wipe Left to right, then move down one level, and repeat the left to right movement before moving down another level.
  • What soaps and quality tools you use matter! The chemical guy’s bundle you can get online is a win for Tesla owners.

Step #1: Preparing To Wash Your Tesla

Tesla paint is delicate, but how to take care of it is the more crucial concern at hand. As with any paint, the paint will be swirled and scratched if you take it to a vehicle wash with rollers or even a hand wash with filthy gloves and towels. You’ll be astonished at how well you can keep the paint on your Tesla, however, if you use a high-quality lambswool wash mitt, high-quality detergent, and a high-quality microfiber towel (not one from Costco). Additionally, the technique and method used absolutely matter. We’ll be using the two-bucket method with a foam cannon. The exterior wash takes about 30–50 minutes and the interior is about 20–30 minutes. You can expect about 60–80 minutes to complete your Tesla wash.

Step #2: How To Wash Your Tesla — Technique

When you begin washing your Tesla, the first thing to do is hose it down. One thing we can’t recommend enough is not washing your Tesla in direct sunlight. Make sure to park under shade if possible. Once ready go ahead and get the Tesla fully wet. We like to recommend hosing it down with the power washer on a 45-degree head. Once your Tesla is wet and lubricated, then it’s time for the foam cannon. The foam cannon requires one part shampoo and one part warm water. Fill the cannon up with that mixture, and then throw the hopper onto the end of your power washer. Like you did while hosing down, spray the foam cannon side to side in big horizontal movements and start at the top moving towards the bottom. Once your Tesla is covered in foam, leave it for 5 minutes. This will let the shampoo do its work and free up the dirt particles sticking to your Tesla.

Step #3: Take Your Tesla For a Quick Post-Wash Drive

Water tends to accumulate in your wheel wells after you wash your car. As with any vehicle, take your Tesla for a quick 1–2 mile drive (take it for a quick drag race, JK). This ensures the water gets out of the wheel wells and the car gets dried off. Word to the wise, don’t roll down your windows when you go for your post-wash drive — it’ll leave water marks if you roll them down. When you get back home, grab your towel and do another quick walk around. You’ll usually find a couple of other places water snuck out. Once you’re done with your walk-around, it’s time to move on to the interior. You can expect another 20–30 minutes depending on how detailed you want to get.

Step #4: Cleaning The Interior of Your Tesla, The Right Way

Cleaning your interior is going to be quicker than your exterior, and there are a couple of tools you can buy to make the process more enjoyable. Since there’s so much glass in your Tesla, getting a good glass cleaning tool (like this one) can help a ton (think Swiffer for your Tesla glass). Wipe down your seats and any other fabric with a nice interior towel. Please don’t use cleaning wipes, instead use an interior cleaning solution that’s designed to not damage your fabric. Once your interior is wiped down, go ahead and go the vacuum out and do a thorough sweep. Get your mats, seats, truck, frunk, and don’t forget under the seats. Oh, the things we’ve found…



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