Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals in the World 2017

Capital comes from Latin word ‘caput’ which means head and it’s not that necessary capital always largest city of the country. Every country has capitals city it usually serve as a seat of government of the country, power in country, state, region, political unit. All important offices, high courts, political meeting all has done in capitals.

The entire capital cities of world are different according to religion culture, language, history, and other thing but mostly capital make for some main purposes like introduced for the official meeting with foreigners, political issues, country personal issues new development, growth of the country and other lot of thing related to country.

Some countries have more than one capital like South Africa and Bolivia. Where capitals famous for latest technology, education, commerce, strong economy, finance, health care, transportation system then some capital also famous for its natural beauty, lakes, museum, rivers, historical building and other things that make capital more charming and attractive for the people around the world.

4. Washington — (United State)

Washington is the capital of superpower United State of America and its complete name is Washington, District of Columbia. This capital is famous for the natural beauty, historical places, latest technology, clean, museums and many others. Many people love to visit in Washington because it’s famous as a most beautiful capital for its lovely attractive location that make it pleasant place like Friday harbor, leaven worth, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, Prosser, Republic etc. LA front is also beautiful historic waterfront village with historic building, shops and art gallery it’s a beautiful place for the visitors. Washington is very famous and natural beauty capital.

3. Berlin — (Germany)

Berlin is a capital of largest city Germany as well as part of 16 State with 3.5 million populations. It declare beautiful capital in the world for its lovely parks, garden, rivers, lakes and deep forest also for famous culture, politics, art, creativity, media and science. Metropolis is a famous for the visitors place, Berlin also host many sports events. Oberbaum Bridge at sunrise is beautiful and precious in own right and appealing foreigners. Berlin assists as a continental hub for air and rail terrific and has a complex public transportation web.

2. Islamabad — (Pakistan)

Islamabad is capital city of Pakistan and most beautiful city in the world with 5 million populations. Islamabad is famous for the ‘Faisal mosque’ largest mosque in south Asia and fourth largest in the world. This capital city is also famous for its natural beauty park, forest, historical buildings and other charming places like Pakistan monuments, blue areas, RaSwal Lake. Margalla hills National Park has a stunning location for all the people. It’s divided into different sectors and zones, national assembly of Pakistan also in this capital. Islamabad means city of Islam and really peaceful city, it is highly developed and most beautiful Capital city of the world.

1. London — (England)

London is efficient, well planned, well ordered and most beautiful Capitals city, great place to spend time holidays and visit extra beautiful places and London park, museum, shops, tower bridge, great history , great food which is why many people visit to London and collect memorable moments. London is quite expensive but very pleasant and charming capital city of the world. Its capital of most famous city of England, United Kingdom and London is leading world city in the commerce, education, entertainment, art, finance, fashion, latest technology, development, tourism and media. London is most visited and most beautiful Capital in the whole world.

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