Those days are Gone when all of the cameras were used to film which has to be produced earlier one could look at the moment while it has taken. The fast advancement of technologies has encouraged towards advancement associated with digital cameras which allow a person to right away look at the photo which had merely been captured. Starting single lens reflex through to go medium format towards panoramic views, these digital cameras have appropriated the photography sector. Here is provided a list featuring top 10 most expensive cameras that are best to offer great quality photographs.

5). LEICA S2-P:

PRICE: $30,000

Leica is a German camera brand which creates top of the range cameras and one of the most expensive cameras. The Leica S2-P offers an extraordinary 37.5 megapixels that’re well over efficient at taking high-resolution images. Although it does not possess the greatest megapixels, it’s the 1st camera in this list which is water resistant. Even though that does not look all of that spectacular, to be water resistant enables the photographer the capability to capture photos even when it begins to rain enabling to get more exclusive photographs. Its water resistant shell is created from a good solid material which provides for outdoors usage during all kinds of climate from intense heat to excessive rain. Leica S2-P also comes with an awesome battery timing enabling for 1000 frames, or images, all through the single charge.


PRICE: $40,000

Here is presenting the 4th top quality camera that appears among the most expensive cameras. The Panoscan MK-3 Panoramic camera provides precisely that, a panoramic as well as provide a view of maximum 360 degrees which can be completed in simply 8 seconds. The plain and panoramic photographs that it takes are well-matched with realistically most of the leading players of virtual reality, such as the Flash VR, Quicktime VR, and additionally nearly all players based on the Java framework. This camera utilizes a specifically specialized digital signal techniques which enable it to produce the panoramic graphic. It has got an important usage in the police as well as military focused on forensic felony scene investigation and also strategic mapping, correspondingly.


PRICE: $40,000

Moving ahead the trend of a variety of brands happens once again with the Phase One P65 + Digital Back Medium Format having 645DF is actually a camera developed by the partnership of 2 organizations. The Phase One P65 comes with in excess of 60 lenses permitting for assorted kinds of flawless high resolution for all sorts of professional usage. The Phase One P65+ is a moderate format digital camera which possesses entire frame sensor. This sensor system enables you to effortlessly take pictures of the quite top of the line. This camera can create an image totaling 15 megapixels. One of the greatest selling details that the Phase One P65 provides, apart from the comprehensive assortment of lenses presented, is the standard versatility. Standard versatility with the Phase One P65 implies that each of the elements within the camera is designed exactly the same way which makes them cross appropriate with various other Phase One cameras.


PRICE: $43,000

The 2nd camera that falls in the list of top 10 most expensive cameras is the Seitz 6×17 panoramic camera. This Seitz 6×17 Panoramic is incredibly an exceptional camera. It is the only camera that is available in the world that offers the high resolution of 6×17. The Seitz 6×17 camera features a significant 160 million pixels offered to take sharp, neat, and focused photos. One might think that taking photographs at this high resolution the processing of the camera might be slow but luckily not in the case of Seitz 6×17. Having massively super-fast photograph capturing rate, this camera can take photos at an incredible rate of 300 MB of data per second. Worthy of its selling price, this Seitz 6×17 is available at a price of $43,000 that is almost the highest priced camera.


PRICE: $45,000

The Hasselblad H4D 200MS is one of the most expensive cameras in the world. Offering 200 million pixel’s resolution is one of its most astounding features as it allows the extraordinary details in photography. It has a symmetrical shape multi-shot frame in which a sensor is installed. This frame permits the sensor to be correctly positioned, making use of what the manufacturer refers to Piezo electrical actuators. Shifting the sensor one-and-a-half pixel at once next captures 6 images; that makes to get a 200-megapixel picture. Color interpretation problems are removed resultantly.

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