I love VR but hundreds of thousands of people think I hate it
Eva Hoerth

In summer 2013 I received Kickstarter Rift and made this video to invite Palmer and Oculus to Russia

It’s one of the first 50–60 Rifts in Russia

I brought it to well known in Eastern Europe mobile game conference White Nights 2013. At the moment almost nobody did hear about Oculus or VR at all, Russian press were really skeptical, as always. So it was like losing virginity :)

It was huge success in means of attracting people to i-Free(company I worked then) stand.

So when we were making another mobile VAS conference in November’13 we decided to make this video and invite Palmer and co to be speakers at the Future section.

Alas, nobody even answered my emails. It was a tiny chance so I was ok with that. I completely forget about this video and just found it again this morning

Sweet memories!

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