The Only Way to Tell Your Story On The Apple Watch Is Via Tappable Apps

There’s no browser on the Apple Watch so the only way for brands and media companies to tell their stories is via tappable apps.

RebelMouse is the first enterprise CMS to go beyond default notifications and actually enable interactive tappable content optimized for the Apple Watch. Now when you sign in to an online property built on RebelMouse, like, you will be able to have your personalized content stream directly on the Watch, “like” articles, and interact with specialized content like quizzes — a particularly high-engagement format. Here’s a video of the Apple Watch app for, a digital community for people who love animals.

And of course, you will also be able to receive notifications on the Watch as new content is published from writers and friends you follow. Tapping the notifications will let you easily interact with the content directly on the watch.

The Apple Watch native mobile app was created in a few short weeks by a team in Sri Lanka, Ukraine and New York. We’re proud to have such a diverse and global team that is half women.

How do I get an Apple Watch App for my site?

Easy! Contact us about creating a mobile-first online property and we can discuss how to build out iOS and Android apps as well as your very own Apple Watch App.

RebelMouse is a different kind of CMS. It’s the world’s first social mobile enterprise CMS and enables brands, media companies and agencies to create beautiful and vibrant content experiences that grow audiences, increase engagement and build loyal and lasting communities across the distributed web.

The RebelMouse platform combines hyper efficient editing tools for creating and curating original content, engagement drivers to increase the the levels of interaction and communities to build and grow your most loyal audiences across all channels from desktop browsers to mobile phones, tablets and now the Apple Watch.