Hello friends, Today i got an investment opportunity in( ) and i’m amazed to tell you that this opportunity will not last long as KICKICO already raised 98% of its soft cap. I’m pretty sure if anyone from you want to reserve your kickcoins you must react now as i don’t think this will take many days to reach its soft cap.

Why everyone rushed at KICKICO

In my experience this is one of the is fastest sale which almost raised to its hardcap in just few hours. I think the future plans, background of the project, vision and team. these are the things which got everyone excited about KICKICO. Me and my friends came to know about this ICO few weeks ago and we have read all about this project. After reading all about the project we have decided to bump in this ICO.

Why I’m excited about KICKICO

We are almost 20 friends in crypto and from all of my friends i called to be more critical in choosing which ICO we should invest. Coming back to why i’m excited about KICKICO. I have been studying about this project for almost few weeks during my study about this project i have found KICKICO vision to be excited about. When i started searching about this team, i found them all most exprienced. Well awared of what they doing, How they will achieve this all. So after my study about KICKICO i decided to participate in this project not only alone but with my friends for sure.

Why you should react to KICKICO by now!

Even though KICKICO is just started it already raised 98% of its soft cap. This is why i thinks if you want to resereve your coins you should need to react now otherwise i’m sure someone already is all ready to eat your coins.

What this project is aiming to do

As i experienced many project creators believe that crowdfunding platforms are just an easy way to raise funds for a project without needing to do much. However i think, in fact there are lot of limitations and obstacles. First, traditional crowdfunding platforms do not accept projects from countries where they have no presence. Second, they charge high commissions (15–20%), as do the payment systems people must use to contribute with. Third, they are overwhelmed with “failed” projects that let down the backers and the platform itself. Fourth, the larger crowd-funding platforms became all about big companies with strong marketing, rather than about creators with bright ideas, but no marketing budget.

The crypto-revolution that is happening now will change things, facilitating fundraising and making it as easy and simple as it is supposed to be. Decentralization, crypto-currency, and smart-contracts are the new solutions for a project to raise funds.

The fundraisers will no longer be dependent on the platforms, KICKICO is the first up-and-running blockchain fundraising platform that offers comprehensive solutions for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting.

What kind of problems ICO market is facing

By the ICOs, become increasingly popular, more and more companies are using this technique as a fundraising mechanism. However, this is a new frontier and there are no regulations around it. As a result, there are many fraudulent campaigns, where founders disappear after they have raised funds, essentially scamming the public. This thing is hurting the most this ICO market also the many investors.

What KICKICO is going to do

I think KICKICO is read the situation very well. This project is based on online blockchain technology which will allow many projects to lauch their ICOs by providing them all the necessery tools for making every ICO happen. By providing these tools this project is going to solve many of the problems which will benefit the whole blockchain family for sure and I strongly believe this is the thing which got everyone excited about this project.

What this project will do for Crowdfunding campaigns

Every Crowdfunding campaign that will decided to use this platform for their project. they will not need to do much as KICKICO will provide them all necessary tools for making everything happen. This will solve every problem as KICK ICO will proved their own KICKCOIN which do have great potential to see its price jumping towards the moon.

All you want to know about KickCoin

KickCoin digital token is a virtual currency, which is designed to be used by project authors for mutual settlements inside KIСKIСO to pay for the launch of their crowdfunding projects, to purchase services for crowdfunding projects, and for other internal processes and payments within the infrastructure of the KICKICO and KICKONOMY. KickCoin is a cryptocurrency awarded to backers who support preICO, ICO, or crowdfunding campaigns.

KickCoins are generated by the smart contract automatically when backers support campaigns that are launched on the platform. Therefore, KickCoins are never ‘made out of thin air’ but are always backed by other currencies, as well as by campaigns successfully completed on the platform. Additionally, KickCoins will never be in excessive surplus. They are always backed not only by other currencies but by campaigns themselves, and only by those that were successfully completed on the platform.

The only exception is the initial pre-generation of KickCoins. A total of 800 million KickCoins have been generated, including 30 million to conduct preICO, and 600 million to conduct ICO. Another 100 million have been generated and shared between the founders of KICKICO, and the rest have been generated for advisory, lottery, bounty, seed investors and PR pools. KickCoins are not mined by users or any other companies.

How KICKICO will make profit ( Business Plan )

KICKICO will charge every successful compaign in two way 4% in ETH and 4% of the project tokens which were emitted by it (in cases where the project issues their own tokens). 4% of the fees go to ensuring the maintenance and development of the platform, and 4% of the tokens will automatically be sent to the KICKONOMY reserve fund . As the platform develops, more and more tokens of third-party projects will accumulate in the fund. By 2019, The project that there will be at least five hundred different tokens in the reserve fund. In the event, even if only 10% of these tokens show multiple growth, the value of the reserve fund will increase many times, and with it the value of KC.

In the future, KICKICO plan to register a non-profit foundation as a separate entity. This will be feasible when all necessary regulatory approvals are clarified, primarily the SEC and MAS. After that, the fund will be officially registered as a separate legal entity (fund), and management will be decentralized and transferred to the community, which annually elects its representatives

Lets find out all about KickCoins and KICKONOMY

KC is a ETH-based token that follows the ERC-20 standard. KC is generated in two versions. The first, generally accepted option is the generation of pools for the needs of the company, such as payment for localization services, referral programs, bounty awards, etc., as well as pre-sales for pre-ICO and ICO.

KC received by people who financially supported the campaigns on the platform (backers) will be accepted as payment in a variety of projects, such as those that successfully collect funds on our platform and become participants of the KICKONOMY. For existing and functioning ones,a special department will be formed for dealing with agreements with interesting companies. Games, applications, platforms, exchanger, and even offline projects will become participants in the KICKONOMY network. We already have a number of such companies that will be launched right after the platform release in October 2017, along with those already functioning and interested in cooperation. For those that will be running on the platform, this is necessary for functioning on the platform (which gives a lot of traffic and visibility), placing projects in the KICKONOMY directory, and to get completely free traffic and customers willing to spend not only their KC, but other money. In addition, we will use our marketing budgets to support precisely these campaigns because it is more profitable for us than to simply advertise the platform itself. The more successful projects we have, the better and more attractive the platform will be. This indirectly positively affects the course of KC.

Expectations of KickCoins growth

As we can see everybody is excited about this project. This will result in many people using kickCoin. this will make a huge impect on the growth which will surely take its growth to the moon. This will not only impect on its price but also will contribute in making this coin one and best for the future. The launch of large campaigns on the platform will attract additional attention to it. Each launch of a campaign such as this on the platform will positively influence the reputation of the platform and the KC course.

Issue of KickCoins

The initial issuance of KickCoins is limited to 750,000,000 KC (+ founders’ pool) during the pre-ICO and ICO campaigns. Unsold KC that were created for sale during pre-ICO and ICO will be frozen on a smart-contract without the possibility of their subsequent withdrawal or use (they will actually be destroyed(burned)).The initial issue of KickCoins is programmed by a smart contract and will be carried out in the following order:

How i can use this platform

The platform is ideal for running ICO campaigns. It happens like this:

  1. A creator gets registered on the platform, and creates their campaign where they describe what it is about, how and for whom it works, its principles, and then adds images and video materials, if any.
  2. Then the creator adds their token or cryptocurrency in the settings of their pre-ICO or ICO campaign. This token is made by the creator themselves, but later KICKICO will also offer an opportunity to create a token for them — they will only need to select its name and specify the desired parameters.
  3. Also, the creator can specify the duration of the campaign and its purpose (collect 1,000 ETH, sell 10,000 tokens, or simply the duration of the campaign).
  4. Next, the creator sets rewards and specifies how much each of them costs in ETH and how many of their own tokens they will give in every case. For example, they can give 100 of their tokens for 1 ETH and 1,200 of them for 10 ETH, thus creating a system of discounts and lucrative offers.

Campaigns which will not be allowed

Campaigns that can potentially harm health or reputation of other people are prohibited on the platform. Drugs, weapons, pharmaceuticals, or any illegal products are not allowed for publication. Since the platform does not set any age rating, campaigns associated with pornography are also prohibited. In addition, poor-quality campaigns, political campaigns, campaigns with a religious bias, or propaganda campaigns are unlikely to pass moderation.


I’m in campaigns like KICKICO from a while now as i mentioned earliar. I don’t rush in every ICO. i like to get a full picture of the project i want to go with. So to know about this project i have read everything including team, who they are, where they come from, how much experience they and so so. After checking their profile, backgroud and everything possible. I got to say KICKICO got one of the best team with big blockchain experience.

Final Words

If you are investing in ICOs then in my opinion this is not to miss opportunity. Me with my friends already are in and also want you all to make sure you have read enough about the project then if you feel this is the opportunity to invest, you should!

Link to ICO:


[ Disclaimer: please make sure you know what are you doing before going to take any action as my words can only be one side of the picture. Thank you so much for reading and wish you successful dividend returns]

Wasi Malik|Newbie Writer|