It’s Time To Ban The Word “Trump”

I have not subscribed to a publication or news outlet since I used to publish my own a decade ago.

Why? Because I saw how the industry worked, I saw what it was truly all about, I saw that it was all just bait to keep eyeballs for advertising dollars, and it sickened me that it was that very objective that ‘Trumped’ the sole purpose of real journalism to begin with.

So now, as I sit and wonder and ponder over paywalls that have popped up across many of the mainstream outlets, how and why and what would make me ever subscribe or give any of my money to a publication again, I asked myself, what was it that stopped me from doing so today?

So here’s my answer for a guaranteed subscription booster:

Stop using the word ‘Trump.’

Ban the word ‘Trump.’

The first publisher to do this will immediately see a spike in their viewership and subscription base.

The first editor-in-chief to stand in front of his staff and proclaim ‘I ban the word Trump and any coverage of him’ will immediately reap the rewards of publicity and eyeballs.

Eyeballs on where they really should be…Trump’s enablers.

They need to feel the heat.

Do a ‘find and replace’ before every article gets posted or printed.

There’s enough of that nonsensical noise and static covering up what is really happening.

And c’mon…be honest with yourselves…how many of your stories about him are truly original?

Pull all your beat writers from Trump, and go directly towards his enablers.

Everyone from Bannon to McConnell to Sessions, and most importantly, down to the local legislative seats.

Put ALL of your resources there.

Pull them out of the comfortable shadows they are currently resting in as they scheme and plot their next hostile advance on Democracy.

Expose them…all of them, for what they truly are.

How many pedophiles will you find? How many sexual deviants will you find? How many current or ex-KKK members will you find? How many domestic abusers will be outed?

Air all of their dirty laundry.

We already know Trump’s.

The country needs to know all of his enablers’.

Especially when those enablers reside in their districts, in their locales, are their very neighbors.

For that’s the root reason why Trump exists to begin with.

And if we continue to ignore them and let them be,

we will continue to allow Trump to be.

So for every story that comes out on any other news outlet about Trump, this particular publisher’s stories should focus SOLELY on those around him that contributed to whatever decision or monstrous action that story was about.

The tainted soil that is fertilizing the Trump tree.

Number one, it will infuriate Trump that he’s not getting attention.

Number two, it will infuriate those enablers that are finally getting theirs that thought they’d be able to hide behind this monster.

Number three, you will no longer be part of the problem.

You will be the solution.



Stand up.

I will give you my money.

And I’m sure millions of others will too.

That’s millions of moneys.

Do it.