I still can’t seem to bring myself to rewrite my lost message.
Tim Knowles

Solar will need not only installation, but continued research and development as the technologies increase. And the installation phase itself is still at least a couple of decades before most of the nation is retrofitted for it, which means, those jobs, as well as production and maintenance, during that time. Furthermore, that will spawn additional renewable industries and an entire economy around it, from car chargers, to massive upgrades using solar windows on all skyscrapers and buildings. It is nothing but a growth industry at worst. Regardless, it still employs more than fossil fuels, who are in the waning days of production, and mostly in maintenance mode.

Mars, yeah, I agree. Don’t get it.

The sun shade…ha!! Oh boy…I have a feeling some will fall for that one, which is scary.

Bitcoin/blockchain dollars. Well, in my mind that would defeat the purpose. While banks and financial institutions have begun employing the blockchain for their transactions and records, if we use blockchain based dollars, we’re still using dollars. And that still feeds into the game that moving to cryptocurrencies is trying to combat…putting more dollars and power into the pockets of those who are using it against us. With Bitcoin and cryptos, it’s based solely on the market, not market manipulations, as trade value is based on what and how it’s being moved. And there’s a finite amount of Bitcoin, meaning it’s like dollars were before the gold standard disappeared and made money, well, nothing but a rich person’s game…need more? Print more. With Bitcoin, essentially, if you hoard it, it becomes worth less if it’s not in circulation, making it a currency for all and giving incentive for people to use it and keep it in circulation. Income inequality is a non-factor since if everyone just hoards it, everyone can move to another cryptocurrency. There is no centralized third party or bank gambling with inflation rates and interest rates and prime rates (that’s where the fishy comes in) and transaction fees and all that brouhaha that benefits no one but those with the most dollars. Admittedly, it’s a new paradigm and way of thinking about currency, almost like barter in a weird 21st century sense, and it bypasses and weakens the source of our oppressor’s powers, while putting the power of currency back in our own collective hands. It’s almost a libertarian way of doing money. We still get the things we need, food, shelter, etc, but no one can take advantage of us or pull the strings while we do it.