You are right but you have no sense of timing.
Tim Knowles

Thank you for your comment.

As far as the timing, I don’t think so. At all. I think we’re living in a time of exponential progress because we have exponential tools. Moore’s law is in full swing — the prices are halving and efficiency is doubling of technologies every two years. Think about it…the smartphone in your pocket, did not even exist for a year when Obama first took office. That thing is less than a decade old. More people were using MySpace than Facebook at that time, and Twitter was barely a 6 month old blip.

And all the things I proposed, are already being used and are already being employed.

Just not here.

The blockchain voting, already being used. Even the Libertarian Party used it in their primaries. As far as Bitcoin, you’re still looking at it the way we look at traditional money…yes, converting back and forth is a pain in the backside, but the idea is to not need to convert back and forth…to create and use an economy based on Bitcoin or cryptos. Why would I have to convert back and forth if everything I need, I can use the cryptos for? You are correct however in the usability. Cryptos have a SERIOUS user interface issue at the moment, but that’s something that could easily be fixed by hiring a designer.

As far as sustainable energies, with all due respect, solar now employs more than all fossil fuels combined. That’s not the future. That’s now. The renewable industry just has a HORRIBLE messaging problem, in that they’re HORRIBLE at getting their message out there above the noise and lobbies of the fossil fuel industry and their cheerleaders. Renewables now have better jobs, more permanent jobs, jobs with upward mobility and room for advancement and improvement. It’s a growing industry rather than a dying one.

Oh, and yes, electric planes have been created, including a model currently being developed by NASA (, and Mercedes as well as Tesla have released fleets of self-driving electric semi-trucks as well. Just Google it. Mercedes just came out this month, I posted about it in my futurist stream on Google Plus:

And as far as jobs, that’s a whole other issue. Those jobs are not coming back. We are not going to get those jobs, or any considerable source of permanent jobs back, ever. Automation has already encroached on all those jobs. If we really want to tackle the jobs issue, we need to have that discussion…YESTERDAY. We need to start looking at systems like Universal Basic Incomes to replace welfare systems, and ways of compensation for people doing what they already do…housekeeping, teaching, monetizing their hobbies and passions, etc. Several countries, as well as counties and cities in the U.S. are already holding UBI experiments with such systems, and more business leaders here are calling for looking into it as well. Because no one knows better than they do that it makes no sense to bring those jobs back when robots can do them for us more efficiently.

And all of these things will begin to take care of the problems that you speak of, like the tax code, and inner city violence. These things exist because of the inequalities and lack of opportunities and lack of acknowledgement of existence. Even the medical care mess (which I agree with btw…though I’d rather fix things than blow things up) - with cleaner, more renewable energies, and less job related stresses, and a system that caters more towards the people, all aspects of the ideas I listed, people live healthier, less stressful lives. You have less people getting sick if they work out in the sun installing solar panels than if they’re stuck in a mine breathing soot. You have less people getting sick if they’re drinking clean water rather than polluted water from their local streams in areas of mining and fracking and natural gas and metal extraction. You have less people getting sick if they’re living in cities where there is less smog and pollution. You have less violence if people have things to do, opportunities, and are living healthier lives. Etc Etc.

Most of the old guard billionaires will never do anything for anyone but themselves. That’s how they became billionaires. They are not looking out for us. At all. They are looking to consolidate their own powers and dollars. That’s all. The new money billionaires, such as Elon and Gates and their ilk, there’s still hope before they fall into the same inevitable trap. And as far as Gates, because if he helps make the least healthy places in the world healthier, we ALL benefit from it. Think about it…if you can eradicate diseases and pathogens in the areas in which they are birthed, you are stopping them before they have a chance to travel to areas where they are not originated from. An ebola or mad cow or whatever, would never be a threat here because it was nipped in the bud. Also, because, well, he has a heart and cares about someone other than himself and has realized that in order to care for yourself, you have to care for everyone else as well. We are all connected. Whether you like it or not.

So I don’t think I’m trying to speed anything into the future, I think I’m actually trying to get us to catch up before we fall further behind. I believe we as a country just need to stop getting ourselves stuck in the past and looking backwards at the way things were, and rather focus on the way things could be. Life is much more inspiring, beautiful, and realistic that way. Not to mention, the opportunities are limitless.

Or, of course, we just isolate ourselves during a unique period in human history in which isolation and self-preservation is self-strangulation and watch us lose our respect on the world stage, watch the top talents in science, medicine, and technology run away to places like China and India instead, and nurture a process of leaving us out of the loop.

When we take care of each other, we have people that will help take care of us. But if we just take care of ourselves, we will find ourselves alone at our most vulnerable moments.

Or at least that’s the way I see it. As does the majority of those under 40, who understand better where this country needs to go in order for them to have a chance at the opportunities once afforded us. Just ask them which they’d rather have…then or now. And however they answer, is what we should be concentrating on.