The story tellers’ fault

Story tellers are at fault of telling simple stories — stories that are easy to tell and easy to sell. They are at fault of giving easy grief to people telling sad tales instead of laboring arduously to tickle people and bring smile on their faces. They are at fault of romanticizing love — making soulmate search the entire point of existence. Writing of wonderful parents and the fun siblings we have is hard. Because we are so used to having our parents and siblings around us since birth that we take them for granted, treat them as background noise and ignore the spark that could be in the relation.

People have been sold adventure so ruthlessly sold to people that they go out of their homes to seek love in some strange land. Trying to find love at home would be dull and mundane. People often get far, lost and exhausted that even when they realize that love was home they can’t get their feet moving toward home.