Altcoin ERC2 Token (ENTROPY HUT34)

  • End Users of the Service — The Hut34 network is designed to provide consumers with the information and services they want in the most convenient and user-friendly way. End-user users will find it easy to access every service available in this platform without the need to search for specific questions.
  • Domain and Academic Experts — Connection to the Hut34 network allows experts in the domain field, or those with the knowledge to be able to disseminate their knowledge among users in a wide range of networks throughout the Hut34 network.
  • Bots and Builder Service — The Hut34 network empowers developers by providing access to a global network of information and users. This will support developers providing further channels to monetising their knowledge or services. By connecting to the network, developers can change their projects, processes, ideas or knowledge of a company that is distributed globally without being personally, enabling them to focus on their technical work. By developing collaboratively the usefulness of all connected network bots, developers can maximize user retention through minimizing situations where users are forced to go to other services.
  • Industry — The Hut34 network provides direct access to a large number of consumers, who can easily and automatically targeted by demographics, location, language and indigenous interests. Industries that are also connected with the Hut Network34 have access to a global expertise base for their own use. Employees can utilize the service provided network to increase productivity, or service customers can be improved by providing clients contextually relevant content, which is very important not necessarily generated by businesses from various industries.




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