The Dangers of Wasps Nests

Why People Get Swarmed By Wasps

angry wasp nest

Wasps nests have the undeniable quality of being almost everyone's worst nightmare in their home or garden, and we see hundreds every year.

What people might not know is that most wasps have a predictable behaviour that will tell you very quickly how much danger you are in at any given moment.

There is always a chance you are going to get stung if you venture too close to a wasp nest or stand between the wasps and their nest. So what turns a random wasp attacking on its own into a swarm attacking as a unit?

The Wasp Nest Grenade

Never underestimate a wasp nest

Wasps once disturbed become increasingly animated and begin pouring out of the nest and onto its surface. After about fifteen minutes they all go back in again and all returns to normal.

The danger comes when the wasps are first disturbed. This is like pulling the pin on the grenade. The nest is primed and ready to unleash everything it has on the threat or target.

Imagine a ball being kicked at a hedge or fence with a wasp nest attached to it. The wasps swarm out and after a few minutes begin to settle down, but crucially they don't all go back in!

After a few minutes the unsuspecting person goes back to collect the ball thinking it’s safe, but once they get within six feet of the nest they become increasingly visible to the wasps resting on the nests surface and “BANG” they attack as a unit before the person has the slightest chance to turn and run.

When To Get Rid Of A Wasps Nest

Wasps like most living creatures have advantages and disadvantages for your garden. If you have children or vulnerable adults or inquisitive pets then it would be wise to rid yourself of the wasps.

Wasps can also eat through timber and plasterboard, so internally they present similar risks.

For this reason most nests need to be eliminated, but all's not lost. If the nest is in a an area away from people and pets, then you can probably leave it to mature and produce a fresh brood of queen wasps to create more nests next year, which is great news for your garden.

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