The moment When you can’t make up your mind

Sometimes it’s difficult to carefully choose the decisions we want to make.

So many questions in our heads remain with no answers at all , drowning in a whirlpool of infinite thoughts . It drags you down to the depths of the darkest seas but still , you want to survive and swim desperately to reach the surface where the ray of sunlight breaks through the blue water . It’s right there , so close yet so far you wish someone could come and save you, take you offshore to touch the warm grains of sand and breathe the fresh air that you couldn't inhale underneath the cold water … Too late to think about this empty theory when you are running out of oxygen.. That would never happen in a case like this cause nobody saw you diving in to begin with . All you can do at this moment is close your eyes and pray that this is just a nightmare you will wake up from very soon .

Yes a wake up call. A simple example of the thousand thoughts that you already carry inside of your brain. It consumes all your energy and makes you super weak because being strong for a long period of time has its own consequences after all. And that’s another topic.

Is it even worth it to bear all of this ? Is it really necessary to have these thoughts that never existed before ? it’s like making a new room for an unborn child ! The question remains : why do we have to create things that are useless and turn them into a big deal giving them this enormous space as if we we’re expanding a land in a deserted place

Instead it should be all green and peaceful with plenty of red roses and bushes all around. A beautiful sky filled with clouds that look like cotton candy, where a big colorful rainbow appears everyday just so you can run to the end of it, to find the fountain of happiness instead of the hidden pot of gold that so many people seek .