Helpful Tips To Land Jobs In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is a popular city to work in especially because of the abundance of job opportunities and friendly natives who corporate and help out wherever they can. It may be a landlocked city, but one has plenty of things to do and enjoy. You will love the numerous malls and theme parks found in the city to fill up your free time.

Some of the advantages you have when working in Riyadh include high average salaries, paid holidays, social integration and immense opportunities to learn different cultures. Saudi Arabia also has an interesting work culture for women in which they are not allowed to take up masculine work. There are so many job opportunities in the city and a few tips can help you land your dream job.

Tip 1 — Know what jobs are marketable

Oil makes the major industry in the county and city and it means that jobs in the detection, extraction, refinement, production and also the distribution of the same are in plenty. Other industries that you can consider are healthcare, IT and telecommunications. There has also been growth in financial and manufacturing sectors. Occupations in healthcare, construction, education, engineering and IT seem to have a shortage and hence professionals in these areas are in high demand.

Tip 2 — Know where to search for jobs in Riyadh

One of the easiest ways of finding yourself a job in the city is by using friends who are living or working in the Middle East. Acquaintances can come in handy in making introductions and even setting up interviews because they usually will know of someone or a company that is looking for talents. You can also consider using reputable recruiters and social media platforms to find open job opportunities you can apply to. There are also very good sites that offer lists of jobs available in the city. When using such sites, it is important to ensure that they are user friendly and authentic so you can get real jobs and easy application of the same. Newspaper job ads can work just as well.

Tip 3 — Be willing to start small

There are lots of jobs in Riyadh, but it may not be that easy to land the perfect big job that you are dreaming of. It is advisable to consider starting small and then going up the ladder slowly. English teaching jobs can be a great start as you work towards your career goals. It is also important that you do not shut out small companies in search for jobs in the major companies in the city because they may just have what you need to start and grow into bigger positions.

The main attraction is the low cost of living in Riyadh. The accommodation of the employees is usually taken care by the employer which is the main cost for the workers. Also the companies which don’t provide accommodation give much higher salary packages that you can save a lot of money while staying in Riyadh.

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