The world has become GLOBAL. In this era of globalization where information is an essential part of the growth and development, internet has made us virtual neighbors. This has led to opening windows of various opportunities for the aspiring individuals who look forward to work in international platforms. The global exposure not only allows you to work with the individuals from the different cultures of the world, but also gives those an opportunity who want to grow their peer to peer network. Oman is one of the few gulf countries which has a hospitable environment for the expats working in their country. Their local laws aren’t as stringent as it is in Saudi Arabia. According to 2016 reports of the Global Peace Index, Oman stands at 74th position among the most peaceful GCC countries. Being said that, let’s explore the working conditions and the current state of affairs in the Omani labor law and how it has affected the expatriates working in Oman.

The hype of NOC

There was a speculation flowing around that the expats may get a surprise by the government officials on the 46th National Day in a form of ultimately scrapping the ban of 2 years on the employees. The ban was introduced in 2014 by the Omani authorities which implied that an expat has to get an NOC from his current employer to switch jobs within the contract period and after contract period. The employee was banned to work for two years in Oman after leaving the job with his current employer. Now, they have come up with an intelligent option which poses a win-win situation for both the employers and employees. NOC is still required in a case if there is a breach of contract, or the employee wants to leave, the employer in the middle of the contract for better job opportunities. If you have finished a two year contract, you are free to move to other job opportunities in the country.

Jobs in Oman

Oman is a land of opportunities for those who are in it to work hard and deliver desired results in time. As you are aware that Oman is an oil based economy, it has opened various sectors in public as well as private domain for the expatriates to work in. There are job opportunities in the public sector like Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), which not only has handsome salary packages but excellent employee benefits. There is an abundant pool of private jobs in Oman. The construction industry, which has recently faced a setback due to the economic crisis is supposed to get back on its feet by the end of 2017 and again there will be a significant boom in the industry. The IT and telecommunication industry, which is still setting its foot in the country is a good option for the aspirants as it has decent salary packages and employee benefits.

Except the weather conditions as it is prevalent in all the Middle eastern countries, you must prefer Oman due to its low cost of living, peaceful law and order and the opportunities it provides for the future.