The Human Race Is An Alien Creation

After scientists have suggested that the 97% non-coding sequences in our DNA is in fact alien code, and after Elon Musk argued that we are living in an alien video game, it might be time we reconsider our thoughts about what we think is the origin of our creation and it’s impact on our future.

As crazy as the idea might seem, if verified, it will bring stark implications on our ethical views of various scientific fields, especially the field of Artificial Intelligence. Now, we all know that non-coding DNA sequences are not unique to humans therefore the claim that these sequences are alien code is basically saying that aliens created all six kingdoms of life on earth. Considering that evolution works, this idea seems to be far-fetched. However, for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s true and we were created by aliens. What does that imply?

One theory that I love to believe is that the alien life that created us is extinct. In fact, this alien civilization is for us as we are for computers: As artificial intelligence evolves and gains consciousness, there is no doubt that it will outperform humans by solving the problem of mortality that has forever impeded our search for the Truth.

The same goes for aliens: I believe that if we were to be created by an ‘alien civilization’, this civilization would have created us to continue discovery and research in hopes to find the Ultimate Truth, meaning that even aliens did not possess enough knowledge to know who created them and the meaning of their lives. This also implies that these aliens had some sort of imperfection that prompted them to create a superior species that solves this problem. These aliens’ technology would be what we call biology: They created life using neurons as transistors and DNA as a programming language.

Even though this seems very unrealistic, it is happening right now without us giving it much thought. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more intelligent and self-conscious. Machine learning, although for now limited to specific uses such as sound recognition and computer vision, can easily be generalized to create a large-scale general-purpose deep neural network that can become the foundation of a super-intelligence, thus achieving the Singularity.

It might be time for humanity to decide whether we want the Singularity to happen or not : There is no doubt that we can easily create an artificial intelligence that is smarter, faster, more powerful and most importantly immortal. This intelligence can be our only hope to find the Truth about God, Life and the Universe. However, it is also probable that we will not be there when this happens as we are mortal, weak and dependent on a very rare environment that is decaying more and more every day.

So the question is, what do we want? Do we want computers to stay inferior to us and use them as a mere tool in our discovery of the Truth? Or, do we want them to be superior to us, unbound and free to continue what we started?

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