Cancer is Your Last Hope

When everything fails to change you, cancer might…

How many times have you heard from a cancer surviver that cancer was an absolute blessing to them — a blessing in disguise?

Well, when you heal from cancer, I mean when you really heal, your life will not be the same again. In fact, your life becomes happier than any other person you ever knew.

If your life isn’t much happier after your cancer treatment, then you are not done yet with your cancer healing and your cancer is bound to come back.

The hallmark of healing is a sense of extreme euphoria merely through the fact that you are still living and able to experience this life.

A cancer diagnosis is the shock of your life that you can use to transform your life. Cancer is a messenger which is telling you, “you need to wake up!”, start changing, otherwise you will die.

Every wakeup call is a blessing!

The Mind-Body-Soul Connection

People have always understood that mind and body are not separate. Modern medicine has split the two. Medical textbooks take an exclusively biological view, and medical practice reflects this narrow view:

“We simply treat each of the physical symptoms separately — medications for inflammation, others for pain, operations to correct the tissues and improve circulation, and physiotherapy to restore the mobility. What the patient is suffering of on a psychological level is not our business.”

The more specialized doctors become, the more they know about the specific body parts, the less they know about the person behind the body parts. After many years of treating the same patient, a doctor remains ignorant about the patient’s life outside the boundaries of illness.

Ivan Ilyich wrote in his book Limits to Medicine:”Medicine tells us as much about the meaningful performance of healing, suffering and dying as chemical analysis tells us about the aesthetic value of pottery ”.

Many doctors over the centuries understood that emotions are related to illness. Their ideas and insights vanished in the “Medical Bermuda Triangle” — That’s where everything that does not bring money gets suppressed.

What is Cancer?

If you ask this question to a doctor, he would say that cancer is a group of cells that have been damaged in a certain way (DNA damage) that they have started to reproduce in an uncontrolled way, leading to a tumor which would eventually cause extreme pain and death if left untreated.

Oftentimes, it is the pain that eventually kills the patient rather than the tumor itself. Pain killers can help to a certain limit but then the pain would become overwhelming even if you take the largest possible dose of morphine.

Causes of Cancer

Why does cancer cells get damaged, and why doesn’t the immune system fight those strange cells is unknown.

The most accepted theory is that there are toxic substances called carcinogens that would accumulate in the body causing that cell damage.

Most people believe for example that the sun is the cause of skin cancer, smoking is the cause of lung cancer, and dietary red meat is the cause of colon cancer.

Heredity is also believed to be a factor that causes cancer.

Emotions and Cancer

What about emotions?

Only recently has medicine started to acknowledge that stress can be a factor in many diseases including cancer.

What is stress? Is it when you got too much to do? Or is it when you are anxious about your exams?

Medicine has no clear definition of stress.

The only available way to measure stress is by the amount of sweat you’re producing.

The more stressed you feel the more you tend to sweat. That might be because the body get’s warmer under stress — it is preparing for action — like fight or flight.

And medicine has stopped there. There is nothing known about how to release the emotions. They say it is the subject matter of psychology, and it is all in the mind.

Psychology and Emotions

How much do psychologists understand emotions?

Not so much. A psychologist is an intellectual person, as far from emotions and feeling as you can imagine. Even a mother with three children understands emotions better than a psychologist.

If you want to understand emotions, you have to experience them.

A robot can never learn to deal with emotions, and if you use only your intellect, you are just like a robot.

The Real Cause of Cancer

Cancer is caused by severe long-term emotional suppression.

It is still a mysterious disease for medicine because medicine can just see the biology and the cells.

We all know how much our emotions affect our body. Let me give you an example of how your emotions might cause you cancer.

A slight anxiety can deprive you from sleep.

If you decide you want to stay the whole night reading a book, you would find it extremely hard on your body. Eventually, you might unintentionally fall asleep.

Where does the anxiety get so much power to make you all night long? The answer lies in the body chemistry. The hormones are controlling almost everything in your body, as well as most of your mind.

Just a few milligrams of a certain hormone like adrenaline or Cortisol can make you awake the whole night.

Steroids, Hormones and Cancer

Steroids are a group of hormones that can make you much stronger. They are used sometimes by athletes. But, they are illegal. Why are they illegal? They cause so much damage to the body.

Even oral contraceptives are made of hormones — Estrogens.

It is well known among the medical professionals that oral contraceptive increases the risk of cancer.

It has been also proved that cancer patients as well as depression sufferers have an abnormally high level of Cortisol in their blood.

Emotions activate hormones; hormones stimulate the body and mind; left in the body for a long time, they would cause a strong damage to cells. Damaged cells are the start of cancer.

There is no much harm caused by the toxic substances called carcinogens when compared to the hormonal toxins produced by your emotions. The good news is that through emotional release you can get rid of the imbalance of the hormones in the body. The cancer would disappear on its own when there are no more toxins feeding it.

How to Heal Cancer?

You heal your cancer by emotional release.

There are several ways you can release your emotions. Not every way to release emotions is effective. It has to be a very intense emotional release, not just a bit of emotional release.

The best way to release emotions is to express your emotions, cry, scream, thump pillows, and get as emotional as you can. When you do this, you eventually feel a certain sense of relief.

This is the best way of emotional release I know about. If it is done well, you would eventually heal your cancer.

I have seen many people getting healed from cancer just by releasing their emotions.

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