German New Medicine — Revolution or Just Madness?

How Emotions are Causing Cancer

The cancer treatment business is a huge one and it is full of nonsense, deceptions, and delusions. You can probably find over a thousand cure for cancer if you keep searching for a while. Most cancer cures (if not all of them) are NO cures.

However, cancer is like any other disease. It can be healed when the patient transforms her soul and releases the consciousness of being a victim.

My Story with the GNM

When I was at my early healing stage, learning about emotions and their connection to disease, I became aware that cancer is caused by the accumulation of suppressed emotions.

At the same time, I became fascinated with a fast growing cancer treatment called German New Medicine which was all over the internet at that time (2007).

My Take on the GNM

It is both brilliant and crazy. The idea behind the GNM is brilliant, but I don’t feel it has healed many people from cancer since there is a clear lack of the healing methodology.

In addition, Dr. Hamer (the creator of GNM) goes on to make a crazy generalization about all diseases (not only cancer), and this is where things are too simplified to be true.


I don’t consider GNM to be a cure for cancer or any other disease. The idea that emotions can cause some health problems is true from my experience, but if you have no understanding of how to release emotions in a magnificent way, you have no chance to heal any disease by targeting the emotions alone.