You’re Born, You Suffer, You Die

Is this a fair view of the nature of life?

“Life is suffering.”— Buddha

Suffering is good. It is good to suffer.

I am not an advocate of suffering in any ways. I also don’t like to suffer, and I want to avoid suffering at any cost.

I say suffering is good because it is important for our souls.

your soul cannot progress without a bit of suffering. The more flexible you are in changing yourself (your attitude, your energy, your soul), the less suffering you would have.

A life without suffering is impossible. But it is still worth it.

“Every suffering is beneficial for your soul” — My spirit guides once told me.

To say, “life is suffering”- isn’t fair.

To say, “suffering is a teacher” — sounds more correct.

Why Do We Need to Suffer?

In this life, you are taking your soul to the next level of love, wisdom, patience, gratitude, perseverance, humility, forgiveness, and so on.

It is the purpose of your life on earth, and it is what each single person is going through (mostly unconsciously).

This is what I call spiritual ascension.

In a spiritual ascension, you progress from angry, aggressive, hateful, to regretful, forgiving, grateful, humble, loving, etc… This process is bound to be painful on the physical/emotional levels.

A Deep Change in Your Soul

There are several changes we go through in life but most of them are not deep enough to be called spiritual ascensions.

A spiritual ascension is a very deep soul transformation that happens only once in a lifetime mostly between the ages 30 to 50.

There are two ways we all go through our spiritual ascension — consciously and unconsciously.

The difference between a conscious spiritual ascension and an unconscious spiritual ascension is mainly how spiritual you want to be.

Who Can Be Spiritual?

Practically every person on this earth can be spiritual. Spiritual doesn’t just mean:”I think I am spiritual, so I am”.

Spiritual means that your connection to God (or the spirit world/Angels) is concrete. You don’t just believe, you experience.

If you want to be spiritual, life would eventually give you some important spiritual experiences to let you understand that you are not alone (in this universe), that death is not the end, and that your life has a very important purpose.

You would start making sense of your painful experiences and you would notice how you are learning from them. Suffering doesn’t make sense until you become spiritual.

Some People Want to Stay in Denial

As long as you keep shutting down your thoughts about the meaning of your life and the nature of your soul, you are never going to take any spiritual experience seriously enough to become “spiritual”.

You would never make any metaphysical sense out of any painful experiences you go through. You would be looking at life as a sort of a game with the laws of physics, psychology and economy governing it.

People who never genuinely ask themselves if there is a spiritual meaning to life, would still change their attitudes, and therefore their souls, every time they go through a long tough emotional experience, but they would look at it just as a “life’s lesson” to be used in this life, not as a spiritual lesson or a soul improvement that would become part of their eternity.

The Ascension Process

A spiritual ascension process happens in four stages:

1- The contract is basically saying that you have to go through certain specific painful experiences (physical, emotional, and mental) and then you will have the chance to heal the traumatic memories of these experiences over a period of time.

2- The pain (physical, emotional, and mental) is a very essential ingredient in the ascension process. Without pain, no need for healing, and therefore no spiritual ascension can take place. The more pain you endure in your life, the more soul growth you would eventually achieve and the bigger your rewards would be. If you have been going through a lot of pain so far, it just means that sooner or later a significant soul improvement will have to take place.

3- The healing period is the actual time when your soul is changing, growing or ascending. It is the time of change, and any change means a positive change on the soul level. As long as your soul doesn’t change, the healing isn’t complete.

4- The rewards come in all shapes and forms every time you achieve a certain amount of soul growth. An important reward would be meeting your “soulmate” and spending the rest of your life with him/her. Another important reward is becoming financially well off — owning a house, garden, land, money in the bank, and so on.

Not all rewards are necessarily about relationships and money.

A better health is usually an important reward, and to become a more compassionate person with the poor and the weak can be more rewarding than you think.

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