Starting from scratch… again.

It’s been almost a year since I killed the blogs I was writing for. They were read by my wife, some of my friends back there, and that’s it. If hardly, they were visited maybe 4 or 5 times every month. There were months that I scored 0 visits. That’s why I choose to kill them at once. What would it be the porpouse of keeping a blog if, besides me, no one was willing to pay a view at it? Needless to say that I had 2 blogs, and they were completely nonsense in the end.

This, by far, is something I wouldn’t think to be able to do myself. I thought that writing (I should use ‘typing’ instead, it’s the right thing I’m actually doing) was something that was simply forbidden for me. And even when lots of people say “writing is like breathing, just that easy”, I just have to say that I disagree, completely. Writing is something that comes with you since the very firsts years of your childhood. It simply can’t be helped. For the rest of us, writing required a lot of practice and many more errors down the way of life. In my personal case, I thought I could write just about anything. Funny is that I barely can write just about one thing, and that is food, particulary, cooking, the rest is just too damned difficult.

Lest’s start from the beginning. English is not my mother language. I managed, through the years, to master the basics of speaking, listening, writing and reading in a different language. My native language is Spanish, and though I’m not from Spain, but from Mexico, the language I learnt back mother’s home was the particular Mexican style of Spanish. That, frankly, it’s to complicate things even more, because of the pronunciation, the understanding of another language when I could barely understand grammar in my own language. And in addition to this, schools (unless you pay for a private language school) don’t do too much for easing the process of aquiring a new language. Therefore, my backgrounds with English are not that accurate at speaking, or writing. I must apologize to you for this, and for any other typo or grammar, sintax, coherence and so forth error you can enounter in my writing.

Back again to where I was telling you, writing was something that I did not expect to happen again to me. The “urge”, if may I say it like that, to start telling what’s going through my mind, was something I wanted to totally forget. That’s, I believe, the main reason for me to do what I did, kill the blogs. Now, I don’t know what to expect from this, or what exactly to do. The urge has risen again from the grave, and I don’t want to treat it like some sort of zombie and shoot at the head, or like a vampire and start feeding it with tons of bloodlike letters. What I’d like is to write about anything coming to my mind, but I will have an special emphasis in food, cooking and all that can be related to eating. I think that it is the way I was raised, everything has to do with eating, with the act of eating collectively, in family, with friends, with partners, couples, or alone. You’ll notice the trend.

I don’t know what to expect from this. For the moment, I will let that in suspense. I don’t want to think about it. I will let myself to be surprised for the outcomes.

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