Don’t Ghost Me, Bro 🚫👻
Chloe Condon

Things like these are well known and sadly very common, even for big companies over here. I’ve been in several interviews in the past, and most of those endend in ghosting me.

I had an interview early this year, and I was ghosted. Later on, I had had another one, and it turned to be the very same person who interviewed me first, who didn’t knew I was ghosted. When he realized it, he said that he was sorry, and that I will hear from the company soon… that didn’t happen, and I was ghosted again.

Some companies, as soon as the interviewing process ends in not selecting the the interviewee, upload the results in their database, and send a pretty warm mail with a ‘thanks, but no thanks, not this time, not in 1 year, please’ note. That’s automatically done.

I really don’t know which is worse: having the companies to ghost people, or sending ‘no thanks’, mails. In the end, every interviewee is waiting on the line to hear from the company. Been ghosted is terrible, but reading an automated rejection mail is, in my opinion, pretty much the same.

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