I don’t understand SJW camp (is that an American thing?)
Zulfana Imama

Thanks for the response. And for what it’s worth, an SJW is a “social justice warrior”. Generally a pejorative term for somebody with too much time on their hands, so they go around policing the speech of others that they don’t find “politically correct” enough. Because they increasingly reject viewpoints that aren’t extremely liberal simply because they aren’t extremely liberal, without taking the time to respond to the content of the alternate argument, they are left only hearing like-minded thoughts. They begin to need “safe spaces” to avoid anybody who may disagree with parts of their position. They need “trigger warnings” to avoid being upset. This seems to lead toward ever more radical positions. This is unfortunate because it allows opponents of more moderate liberal positions to publicize the ridiculous SJW position and hold it up as a strawman argument.

For an example of a bunch of SJW’s:


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