Was Talia Jane’s mother really involved in a murder spree?

I just found out about Talia Jane’s open letter today. Like many people, I was very turned off by her attitude. She seemed to believe that the reality shaped by her own poor decisions was the fault of the successful CEO of her company. She whined about things like the free snacks she and her coworkers got not being replenished on weekends. But this post really isn’t about that. It’s about something I found quite quickly while looking into this, yet doesn’t seem to have been discussed anywhere else.

The site taliajane.com contains links to her freelance writing for cracked.com. It’s the same Talia Jane, because it also links to her twitter. One of the articles, written June 30, 2014, is called 7 Things I Learned as an Accomplice to Mass Murder. In it she claims that her mother is Debra McClanahan, who was involved in a quintuple murder/extortion plot in 2000. The article describes how she and her mother created an alibi for the other members of the plot, how her mother eventually cooperated with police, and how the two of them entered witness protection. Other articles linked in her portfolio have her sort of ghost writing the experience of others, but this article is written as though she actually did have this experience herself. I’m not really sure what to make of the veracity of her claim.

I’m not trying to dox Talia with this information, or ridicule her for what, if true, must have been quite the ordeal for a child and young adult. But if it is true, then it’s a bizarre twist that nobody seems to have noticed yet.

Perhaps it can help to explain the poor decision making that went into moving to an expensive city for a minimum wage job and then calling out the company’s CEO on the internet when she couldn’t make ends meet.