My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

I like the comparison — rocks thrown from high versus rocks thrown from low. It’s funny. You are preaching to the choir: just look at the rocks getting thrown at republicans and conservatives alike. It’s as if we are a punching bag, and the entire world is the boxer. They invade your computer, google, iphone — you can’t even get a text without the propaganda. It’s hilarious.

Anyhow, have you read Canterbury Tales? It’s a good way to understand class dynamics and conservatives, since for the most part we come from two groups: enlightened nobility, and competent peasantry (subsets of Euro immigrants), both of which had a lot of success in the US over the course of the industrial revolution. For the mindset of the peasantry, Canterbury Tales is the best one I can think of (mostly just live and let live, who gives a flip for the guys at the top, who wants to be them).

For the enlightened nobility, try Wealth of Nations, Voltaire, Descartes, and Locke (conservatism is called liberalism in these guys’ works — pre-Marx liberalism)…and maybe even Plato and Aristotle (the guys who first described republicanism/democratism rigorously; both of which, by the way, are aristocrat dominated — pre-marx liberalism is much more aggressive; whereas conservatism might be somewhere in between: not wanting to expose our society to sudden sea changes in the populace and catastrophe, like Natzism…but not wanting an entrenched ruling class that never leaves).

The Dems come from criminality and aristocracy. They throw massive rocks and never leave. The stand on hills — Democrats are exceptional hill climbers (they’ve “Evolved” that way lol).

But here is the kicker: Conservatives will almost always simply leave first. They will rarely explain how rude, intimidating, etc. someone is. Also, they will not pay off a mortgage on a house declining in value. So maybe that is why they are leaving? Have Dems rezoned the houses, or is the school district awful now? etc.

But, yeah, reasoning in terms of right now instead of emergent trends with respect to humans, politics, game theory and arcs of history: yeah, I see your point. Only thing I can say is it sucks, people suck. What can you do?