If people like you actually cared about women being sexually violated, you wouldn’t dismiss…

If “People like me”…wow, total bigotry in action. Did you wake up and drink a glass of prejudice this morning?

If “People like me” CARED about women, they would NEVER vote for a woman (in her first case out of law school, as a favor — she wasn’t even paid) that exonerated a man who beat a 12 year old into a 5 day coma while he and his buddy raped her infertile. Hillary accomplished this feat in spite of a confirmation of identity of the defendant through blood, semen, and eyewitness identification — the victim herself — by submitting destroyed evidence to an independent expert who gave her a favorable conclusion (to discredit the presence of the defendant’s blood and semen at the scene) and by demolishing the victim mentally to within an inch of her sanity through systematic persecution of her character, personality, and mental health…while knowing the man was guilty the ENTIRE TIME.

As a guy, I can relate to what it feels like to be pummeled, having been in many fights (sober and drunk) as a teen and young adult (winning, against the bully(ies)-yay! sucker punched in the bar-awesome, let me tell you, blood out the nose everywhere, etc.), on the field, etc. It sucks — but I have no idea what it would be like to be BEAT INTO A COMA.

I also have no idea what it would be like to be forcibly raped—neither do you (assumption…but a safe one, since you’d probably know this about Hillary if you had been). As a guy growing up in our society, the specter of forcible rape experienced in prison was held as punishment for the most miniscule of crimes, so when you are a little boy, it is something you are perpetually made aware of — I am aware of the ruinous potential. So some serious chunks of life — some real, hard time — suits me as due and fitting.

But to be made infertile — and have to live with the knowledge that you have been effectively murdered? That you are a neuter — a gelding — and there is nothing anyone, anywhere, can do about it? And you have to live with it for another 70 odd years? The most unholy retribution imaginable isn’t enough to level the balance on *that* crime.

And to have to experience, at that age, in spite of everything — your 5 day coma, your destroyed body, the unbelievable amount of evidence against the defendant — someone like Hillary rip you apart in court, day in and day out, for months? To have justice thrown back in your teeth like a steel brick?

With her — the victim, probably 50 years old or something now — I heard her speak this afternoon... Tears. I had tears in my eyes. Just her voice — one word, in a level tone — you can hear the damage. She was *shattered.* Like a glass ceiling. With her, Hillary’s victim, I can relate. I can empathize.

Unfortunately, with Hillary, I cannot. Seriously, she would subject people to drone strikes and prison (aka, forcible rape — remember?) for merely standing in her path. I mean, what the hell? Who is this person?

And yet, look at you, *attacking* me, personally. You don’t even know me…Yet, on the basis of stereotype and branding *ALONE* YOU ATTACK. YOU CONCLUDE. About me, personally.

Nice job, bigot. Nice job, hypocrite. Nice job. I don’t even have to mention Weiner, Abedin and her precious Sharia law journal, Hillary and her Russian funded environmentalists (speech by Hillary in Canada, Hillary acknowledges Russian energy billionaires are funding anti-fracking environmentalist groups in US), Benghazi, the emails (used to have a (S) clearance — Hillary is a joke; (TS) docs are (TS) because they would endanger lives if they got out — she doesn’t care), the foundation (where only 30% of incoming donations make it to the beneficiaries), the pay-for-play, the so-called rebuilding of Haiti, the collusion with CNN (tonight), the DNC…It just *does not* stop.

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