Quit throwing the word bigot around unless you learn its actual meaning.

Look at you, seriously. You utterly dismiss what someone has said, off the cuff.

You have not even read it. What I wrote. If you reason like a bigot, if you speak like a bigot, if you ignore the words someone says, like a bigot, you *ARE* a bigot. So I am going to reason slowly…with highlighted terms a bigot can see when she scans and attempts to ignore everything the person she is talking to says.

This isn’t a “word” or a “name” I am calling you. It is *TERM* used to describe a *PATTERN* of conversation, which you are apparently prone to using — and have demonstrably used in our little “discussion” here. This term is housed in the more general “box” or “bag” *MOST* of the English speaking world calls “Intolerance” of other’s opinions.

And what you have just indicated is that you have *ABSOLUTE* intolerance for *my* words. *My* thoughts. Further, “Intolerance,” in our language, is synonymous with *RACISM,* and, in terms of gender, “MISANDRY” or “MISOGYNY.” Thus, you have demonstrably comported yourself with first stereotyping and dismissal (i.e., racist and misandric/misogynistic thought). Then, you expressed absolute intolerance of my thoughts and reasoning…And now, I think the definition is complete: absolute, bald-faced Bigotry…Or, in the dictionary definition, “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.”

Regardless, obviously I respect you, since I give you the courtesy of all this time and attention. I seriously think there is a decent person behind all that bigotry, so I am honest, straightforward, and express my heart.

You, on the other hand, seem incapable of doing the same, in this year, today, at this point in your life.

So like I forgive Trump, who seems to have learned the meaning of family — and values it above the rest of the BS us men are taught to value, in spite of his station, I forgive you — I think you will figure it out, someday.

But I can’t forgive Hillary.

And who gives a *shit* about old man Ailes?