Understand your options and bushwhack when needed. (📷: Andreas Dress)

Traversing our natural tendencies. Take notice of the patterns in our work, the tools we use, and the solutions we deliver.


Our journey as designers often starts out at the edge of the wilderness where all we can see a wall of trees. (Picture a blank art board!) We might assess the entryway without consideration of its destination. The tree line looks like an endless scene of flowing vegetation, dangerous wildlife, and unfriendly terrain. We quickly notice the openings of trailheads as they appear accessible, safe, and simple. We notice the trends and patterns amongst the screens we use and…

A common whiteboard language for Product, UX, and UI people. Stakeholders welcome.

What is it?

It’s a visual system that I use when working on a whiteboard. It associates the glyphs sketched on a whiteboard to the common elements in User Interfaces. It’s a group of symbols and patterns that is useful when generating or refining ideas on a whiteboard. Mobile interfaces, websites, product workflows, and web applications, etc.

Who it for?

Product people, UX and UI Designers, Front end developers, Stakeholders, Website Designers, etc. People making views on the web, mobile devices, online experiences, shopping carts — you understand. Those who enjoy taking people’s ideas and bringing them to light.

My theory is, that if we share…

How the film defined the future of User Interface (UI) design.

Do you remember when you first saw the movie Minority Report? Anyone practicing interaction design at the time does. I remember watching the film and becoming fascinated by the way Tom Cruise interacted with the computer. As a digital designer, the sweeping gestures and virtual screens appeared to be a new way to interact with a digital world.

Mailbox Mac OsX beta screenshot

For anyone that has gone through the little ‘betacoin’ experience for Mailbox OSX (beta) …


From the moment I wake up until the wee hours of the night I’m connected to some sort of device. Typing, clicking, scrolling, swiping. The glow of a screen is my nightlight and my phone the morning alarm. I love technology. Access to the internet is like some sort of super power. Directions, recipes, advice, friends, knowledge and inspiration. All at our fingertips, anytime we want it. It’s phenomenally powerful and incredibly addictive. That’s why every so often - I must disconnect.

I spent the weekend in the rural countryside in an old cabin my father and his friends purchased…

Jonathan Gorczyca

I practice design and make digital products with great people. Designer. Woodsman. Technologist. Advocate for ideas, comedy, and company.

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