We love it so much, we used the boxes to build a loveseat.

If you want to watch the video review instead, here you go:

Lincoln fell in love with Amazon Prime as a freshman in college when Amazon let him do a three month trial. By the end of it, Lincoln was ready to pay for a full membership and never looked back. Tabitha on the other hand appreciates Amazon Prime, but is not heads over heels for it like Lincoln is. Now graduated college and learning to do adult things, we depend on Amazon to fulfill about 75% of our purchases.

When we had to move from the east coast, Philadelphia and Staten Island respectively, we traveled extremely light. Lincoln spent just under $200 in shipping while Tab spent about $400. We only shipped clothes, books, and other miscellaneous that we could not part with, so when we arrived at our new apartment, we needed to replenish our belongings and furnish our home. This is where Amazon Prime comes in. …

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There are many things, places, and food we’d like to review. This will be our living document of reviews we’ve done, reviews we want to do, and reviews our viewers would like to see.

  • Amazon Prime — Read & Watch
  • Building a Couch With Amazon Prime Boxes — Read & Watch
  • Google Home
  • Google Wi-Fi
  • Level 5 Beauty Queen Mattress
  • Water Resistant Mattress Protector
  • San Francisco
  • Moving to San Fran from the east coast
  • Uber Eats
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Our Trinity Place Apartment
  • Phillips Hue Smart Lights
  • Samsung Curved TV
  • Living in a studio apartment for a month
  • Assembling IKEA
  • Wayward Pines TV Show
  • Trader Joe’s


A Couple Reviews

A software engineer and a HR professional who make fun reviews of everything a couple might need, use, or visit.

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