5 Tips on How to Spot A Fake Rolex Watch

The Rolex watch is reckoned something far beyond than being a timepiece. This hallmark is very helpful in creating a fashion statement for people from all walks of life. In fact, owning a Rolex watch is not feasible for every class of person and most upscale people purchase it because of its exorbitant costs. It is the goldmine for blue-blood people since they can afford to pay for it. With the view to gaining enormous profits and helping a common man purchase this unique watch, a plenty of individuals has tried their best to make a copy cat of this elegant and sumptuous watch. The copycat bears so much resemblance that in several situations figuring out the difference between a genuine Rolex watch and a replica watch is too hard. To help you spot a fake Rolex watch, here are some helpful tips that you should pay attention to:

1. Caseback

A striking fact to bear in mind about Rolex Watches is that genuine Rolex watch comes without clear or skeleton caseback. With that said, the first thing that you pay attention is to take a look at the rear of the watch. If the watch is fitted with a crystal-clear caseback at the rear then this it is certain that it is an unreal Rolex watch. Plus, if you find that there are engravings or markings at the rear of the watch, then it is certain that the timepiece is an imitation. Precisely, the original Rolex watches bear a smooth caseback that is void of any markings and inscriptions.

2. Weight and Construction

The identity of an authentic Rolex watch is that it is fundamentally made of platinum, 24k gold or stainless steel material. And if you come across a Rolex watch made using chrome, gold-plated or chrome-plated stuff, it most decidedly means it is not real. Similarly, an original Rolex watch is relatively weightier than the fake one since it is made using high-grade materials. Thus, you will come to learn yourself that is a fake Rolex watch if it is light weight and flimsy.

3. Quartz Dial Movements

Another salient tip to keep in mind is that original Rolex watches have an impeccable and smooth second-hand movement. The counterfeit cheap watches are readily identified if the second hand has a defective and inaccurate movement. Also, authentic Rolex watches do not give out conventional “tick tock” sound just like other watches.

4. Date Magnification Characteristic

An authentic Rolex watch embosses a Cyclops date window which amplifies the date by two and half times. Most fake Rolex watches do not sport this feature in the dial while certain fake watches typically magnify the date by only one and half times.

5. Made in Switzerland

In general, most numbers of authentic Rolex Watches are designed and made in Switzerland. This is embossed in ‘Swiss Made’ mark just under the timepiece. Therefore, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s mark on the watch. If you find something like ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Taiwan” written below the watch then you have got a reason to smell a rat.

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