Against Worldbuilding
Lincoln Michel

Your concept of Worldconjuring is already part and parcel of what Worldbuilding is supposed to be. It sounds like you’ve just encountered too many people who try to make Worldbuilding into more than it is meant to be, or less depending on your perspective. Each story needs its own level of worldbuilding, be it minimalistic or intense. Different stories require different amounts and types, and different readers will be drawn to the stories that fit their amount and type of worldbuilding. I don’t think we need a new word to convey a concept that is already in the original, we just need to teach the original concept accurately.

I don’t think any Worldbuilding teachers are pushing the idea that you have to have everything planned out to the finest detail or you have failed. They are mearly trying to help their students think about concepts which they might not have thought of before, elements which may, or may not be incorporated to improve their storytelling.