The Rolex Submariner 116610LV

The Rolex Submariner 116610LV made its debut at Baselworld 2010 and because of its bold green color, it didn’t take long for the “Hulk” nickname to stick. As one of Rolex’s current sports watches, the Sub 116610 features all the modern improvements the brand has recently been furnishing their watches with. For instance, the Rolex Submariner ref. 116610LV has the Cerachrom ceramic unidirectional bezel, which is both scratch and fade proof. The markings on the green ceramic insert are coated in platinum and the inverted triangle is topped with a luminescent dot for legibility in low light.Since the Submariner is Rolex’s quintessential diver’s watch, the 116610LV is waterproof to 1,000 feet (300 meters) thanks to the Triplock winding crown and screw-down caseback. The 40mm stainless steel Oyster case is presented on a matching stainless steel Oyster bracelet. Rolex placed as much thought and care into the bracelet as the rest of the watch. The practical Glidelock system allows wearers to easily adjust the fit of the bracelet to accommodate wearing the Rolex Submariner under a leather jacket or over a wetsuit.

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