04 / 04 / 2017

Previously on WATCHME - TV PLATFORM…


Watchme is an online tv platform with the aim to allow videomakers to create their own audience and to the users to finance, sustain and follow their favourite serial videomakers.


Video creators who aims to build their own audience:

  • Videomakers
  • Wannabe youtubers
  • Indie TV series addicted.



  • Visibility: difficulty of being noticed on YouTube (what a jungle!).
  • Youtube doesn’t allow the creators to be sustained since the very beginning, even if I’m a good quality videomaker!


  • Quality: watching quality video contents anywhere and anytime.
  • Free contents: watching TV series for free.
  • Funding their favourite TV series.

Riskiest assumptions:

CREATORS: Is visibility the problem?

USERS: Is our target truly interested in quality contents?

Google module and video: validating the PROBLEM.

>50% is the success criteria for pivot or not.

The validation video that follows these few lines tells you about our interviews with the goal to understand what are our customer behaviours.

The validation video reported below allowed us to understand that there is a real need of connecting the above-mentioned markets (users & serial content producers). What we have retrieved from this is that we have to adjust some aspects in order to place our platform in a “Blue Ocean” and create a real differentiation with respect to the existing video platforms. However, the most important thing is that there is a real need for our idea!

Here follows some points that we have assumed by our interviews.

The first point is that people are usually more satisfied by payTv content than the traditional programs and television. Those who pay for the television spend more time in front of it than those who do not.

The second point is that most of the interviewed see contents on a computer and therefore they already utilize the proper mean to access our platform. Moreover on average users are more satisfied with online contents because of the wider possibility of choice. On the other hand, this wide choice creates a paradox for the users: “ I want to watch something new, but I don’t know what!”.

In the end, people are more motivated to spend their money if there is the possibility to access a serial content that they like with a good plot. They are aware of the fact that usually the high number of views is not the best quality index.

Problem validation was pretty successful. Creators truly need a place where to be visible and sustained, while users’ expectations on quality contents are surprisingly high!

Interviewing a bunch of Youtubers/Videomakers
WIP Javelin Board


We decided to project an online platform for talented indie videomakers in order to give them the chance to show their capacities, gain visibility, start to build an audience and be economically sustained from the users. After the validation of the problem, we put all the attention on QUALITY and VISIBILITY.


  • TV SERIES: creators can upload their personal TV series/program (ONLY serial contents allowed!).
  • 1€/video: creators pay a fee to upload every single episode.
  • Creators can be sustained by donations from the audience.
  • Contents will be selected by the platform on quality criteria.


  • Unlimited access to all contents for free!
  • Let the users decide to sustain their favorite serie with micro-donation.
  • Possibility to sustain their favorite creators with sponsors funds.
  • Finding the video you’re looking for is now easier (search by categories, keywords…).

Riskiest assumptions:

CREATORS: If the main target is Youtubers… Are they friendly enough to encourage the funding of their “competitors”? Are they ready to use another platform (not only Youtube) in order to sustain/be sustained? Are they ready to pay to upload their video on the platform?

USERS: Again: Are they used enough to serial video content or do they prefer individual ramdom videos? Is it already easy enough to find the kind of video you want to see?

Google module and video: validating the SOLUTION.

>50% is the success criteria for pivot or not.


After the validation with the second google module, we noticed that youtubers are interested in moving their contents to another platform (87,5%) — even if they know anything about it jet. This is primarily motivated by the chance to get money by donations (75%).

… Even if a lot of them are no more interested when they discover that the upload process needs a micro-fee (62,5%).

DING DING DING: we have a problem!

The combination of no upload fee + no will to fund other Youtubers (50%) would never build a strong BM. With the 50% of the payers, we at least validated the sum 1€/upload, but we considered a huge

11 / 04 / 2017


Zoom out: the target has to be larger and include more of independent creators, not just Youtubers. Indie videomakers in general are the most suitable target for our solution: we’re looking for QUALITY + the most enterprising spirits of the audiovisuals, looking for new cheap ways to distribute their last work.

Street interviews(audio records + photos): validating the solution (USERS).

>50% is the success criteria for pivot or not.

Some of the generous people we found in the streets!

In order to validate the users we went out of the building and looked for everyday young people: almost every 20-something watch videos online.

These were our questions:

Tell me about what you watch on Youtube!
Could you tell me your favorite 5 categories of video contents?
Do you find it difficult to find the video you like/you were looking for on Youtube?

We can now say that people truly appreciate comedy, music, gaming and tutorial. Unfortunately they don’t need a better way to reach them! Most of the people we interviewed (almost 80%) don’t feel the pain of looking for unknown random videos they like, as they prefer following their channels or trust Youtube suggestions.

So, again…


People don’t need categories, so why insisting on that?

Moreover we understood something cool:

  1. People appreciates suggestions and it’s already used to follow the seriality of the uploads on the same channel. So we are now thinking about giving our users a bunch of suggested videos.
  2. We have now more criteria for the selection of the contents: we know the genre of videos people likes most.
Final Javelin Board

More than a PIVOT

Mentoring is something good… almost like a good milkshake! Thanks to the mentoring we zoomed in about the real activity of the platform and we decided to define it as a crowdfunding. A Crowdfunding platform for quality serial video contents!

20 / 04 / 2017


After all these pivots we understood also that visual approach represents a truly important aspect of our solution: we will work with people who bases their business on visuals. That’s why we decided to change our early stage brand into a new one. No more Watchme: doesn’t it sound a bit dirty and provocative? Yes, it does. By the way it is also the name of an already existing video platform based in New Zeland… a potential competitor.

We decided to look for something young, fresh and especially with a good sound when pronounced. Something concerning with the plurality, with… more ingredients inside. Something like a Milkshake. Ok. This may be interesting. But it’s impossibile to be easily reachable on the web if your name is like one of the most liked thing on the planet. That’s why we choose a shorter name. A new word.

We are glad to introduce you:


But we have to validate the web reachability of this before!

The only one name competitor is a web site that suggests recipes for palatable milkshake! That’s a deal!

Brand Identity

So, while validating the solution, we started to discuss also about the brand identity of our project.

Naming: At first we renamed the platform with a more catchy and evocative meaning: MSHAKE.

With this new name we want to put the attention on the seriality and variety of the TV shows on our platform. Milkshake also means informality and suggests the idea of a friendly, young, cool and fresh place to share your works.

Vision: Giving value and visibility to high quality video contents, regardless of the popularity of its creator.

Mission: In order to help young talented videomakers to build their own audience, we provide a fundraising platform exclusively for indie TV series/shows. The videos are uploaded directly by their creators: a new way to think about distribution.

Values: quality, visibility, support, meritocracy.


  • Seed&Spark: streaming and funding platform for indie films and TV series. For the user it costs 10$/month to stream.Quality is based on the number of followers of the individual creator: access is given only to the videomakers who can boast more than 500 followers.

SWOT Analysis:


  • There’s no such thing in Italy: we have many different Italian fundraising platforms, but no one is specifically thought for videomakers.
  • By the way italians crowdfunding platform are used and visited (even considering the existence of bigger competitors, i.e. Kikstarter, Indiegogo…).
  • The quality of contents.
  • Better user experience: all is studied to be watched (not read!).


  • Niche.
  • Not based on a regular bill.


  • A new way to intend distribution in the cinematic production field.
  • …And a new way to approach to the vision of TV series (watching before paying).
  • Sponsors: it’s easier to let the people accept the sponsor.


  • The “chicken and the egg” problem.
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