New Trends: What Motivates People when Shopping for a Luxury Watch?

In an age when technology and fashion moves forward and changes faster than Usain Bolt at the 2012 Olympics, so do our tastes, wants and needs. So what motivates people nowadays to buy and own a luxury watch, be it second hand or brand new.


We are a society that loves to pay for an experience rather than a commodity. That is why many high street stores are introducing things other than just products. Coffee shops, photo booths, pop star performances… The need to entice people into a store and away from online shopping is greater than ever. So how does that translate into buying a watch? Well, if the watch can offer something more than just telling the time, great!

With Apple and Samsung allowing us to sync watches with our phones, the accessory worn on our wrist is no longer about fashion or telling the time; it’s about convenience and experience.

Instagram Worthy

Unless you live under a giant rock, you will know how influential social media is on our lives. None more so than Instagram. With the obsession of creating an apparently fun loving life through the use of filters and expertly edited photos, good looking, eye-catching accessories are a must. It goes without saying that luxury is a must for these consumers.

For this generation, purchases are made on how photogenic it is and how many ‘likes’ it will attract. Overall, it needs to look good and represent the highest in luxury.

Look Good, Feel Great

For many, the purchase of a luxury watch comes down to the old fashioned ideal that saving up to buy something expensive will give them a real sense of satisfaction and achievement whilst wearing it. Whether landing a new job or celebrating a milestone Birthday, all of these are the perfect reasons to purchase a luxury watch. Not only does it mark the occasion, it creates a memory.

The Start of Something Beautiful

As we said previously, watches can make memories. For that reason, many buyers may see the purchase of a luxury watch as an investment. It can be handed down through the generations, creating a legacy and making memories along the way. Whether a one off or the start of a collection, these buyers will look for functionality, longevity and potential return on investment.

Essentially, the reasons and motivators as to what drives people to buy luxury watches is endless. Whether it be pride, commemoration, hobby or purely as a status symbol, everyone has their individual reason as well as individual style.

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