Why People Buy and Sell Second Hand Luxury Items

The market for second hand luxury items is booming. Why? Well, the simple answer would be that as a nation, we are on a quest to make money. There’s more to it than that though.

Websites, like Watchr, are boosting the value of second hand items, which is meaning that for those buying them firsthand, there’s value to be had. There’s no longer a stigma surrounding second hand buying and selling. It’s a lucrative market where Chanel bags and Rolex watches can be found at amazing prices.

Second hand luxury items on the market nowadays are of better quality than ever. Affordable, luxury fashion is more accessible than ever. This is seeing more and more people not only buying, but selling their items; often for a profit.

The attractiveness of online shopping and the ease of selling items is better than before. Watchr makes selling a second hand luxury watch an easy, relaxed process by working around the seller. An online appraisal leads to the watch being picked up from the seller and then delivered direct to the buyer. Cutting out the middleman and allowing buying and selling to be done how it should, Watchr ensures sellers, and buyers alike, are left feeling satisfied and not stressed.

For those who think less about the profit and more about the sustainability, the selling and buying of luxury items is music to their ears. With more of us trying to do our bit for the environment, how we reuse our items is of importance. By buying a second hand item, we are giving it a new lease of life and opening the next chapter in its story. This is becoming ever more prevalent in the fashion and accessories market where trends change like the wind, and we reinvent our wardrobe almost monthly.

The purchase of a second hand luxury item offers value for money and makes fashion and accessories that are ‘on trend’ accessible and affordable. The sale of a second hand luxury item can earn the seller some easy money, make some space in the home and give a beautiful item a whole new lease of life.

So while the drive may be making or saving money, there are far more reasons for selling our second hand luxury goods. Demand is there for good quality second hand items. At Watchr we are regularly updating our stock online and sales are good. With a great, hassle free platform for selling, visit our website for more information about how to sell your second hand watch. We aim to take up minimal time but give you the maximum price.

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