Drown the Extremest Right (and Trump) in the Grover Norquist’s proverbial Bathtub!

This is not a ted talk. These are fighting words.

For years and years I have said that within every polarized group there is always a percentage of people that agree in the gray area. I have dedicated my career to trying to find that gray area. I have always believed that complex problems can be solved by consensus building and discovering common ground. That is all on hold for now. Now it is time to fight. The red line has been crossed. The the radical right (and Trump) has gone too far.

I don’t want to abolish the radical right. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub. Fortunately for me, the tub is full, the water is warm, and the these extremists are standing on the cold tile floor naked and exposed for the racist, entitled, fearful, ignorant angry obstructionists that they proven themselves to be.

This is a political fight. This is a fight for the Whitehouse, the Supreme Court, the House and the Senate. We need to wake up because after November when the Republicans loose there are going to be a lot of angry white men whining that Mexico, Muslims and China have ruined their lives. Newsflash: Globalization is here.

This is a political fight that must be won because although today the general populace are spewing hate toward Mexicans, Muslims and China tomorrow it could be Jews and “Welfare Queens” or Cubans or non-christians in general. If you are not the target now, tomorrow it could be you.

I am conflicted. Everything I am saying goes against everything I have worked for. Maybe I have failed it is because I have been wrong all along. Maybe there is no healing possible between Israelis and Palestinians. Mabye, there is no common ground to be found with environmentalists and business. Maybe the pro life and pro choice people will continue to murder and villainize each other. Maybe there is no solution to climate change.

So, now I think it’s time to put down the plowshares and pick up the swords and unite. Think: United Colors of America–that is what we should be fighting for. The best of us.

Who are we?

We are not afraid. We create opportunity. We do not need complex issues delivered on bumper stickers. We are not yearning for a yesteryear that never really was. We are not drawn like moths to the fire by promises of “Making America Great Again”. We are independent, diverse and welcoming. We are thoughtful change makers. We are the majority.

I will not let radicalism rip my country apart.

Stay tuned for battle plans. I don’t know how to win a war on ignorance and intolerance. Do you?